My Favorite NYX Liners

Hello Gorgeous! My go-to is nude lips, so here’s a list of my favorite nude lip liners.
🤑 These liners are $3 USD which is super affordable
⭐NYX liner | Soft Brown and Pale Pink
⭐I have been using two of the NYX Liners forever. My all time favorite shade is Soft Brown 819. It's more of a reddish-brown and it blends really well. It reminds me of 1994 from Urban Decay. 
⭐I also love Pale Pink which works great with pink-nude lipsticks. It has a bit of a lavender tone to it. But it looks beautiful as a really good base when you fill your entire lip with it. 
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  • Pauline

    Just want to say as a Mrs. myself you look appsolutely amazing, love how you made up your make up especially the lips. Just to let you know I commented big time yesterday about lip liners importance. My cosmetic fellow associate taught me about lip liner. I wore a red pencil and loved the result not knowing how many more to choose. Glad I chose PrismPop channel. Hope we can keep in touch. So many people to comment for.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Amazing review. I haven't used any lip liners in a long time but have been thinking about using them again. I just don't even know where to start when looking for the right colors. I love your whole make-up look, it's all perfectly blended and very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these Lip liner colors.

  • Pauline

    NYX Liners are nice looking pencils. Like the different colors. It helps to keep your current lip color in line. I would try these pencils.

  • theresa

    i have a lot of nyx lip liners i think i collected them all. they swatched well what you see is what you get . what did you use on your lips i am into the whole pink beige nude lip colors that are out there the red looks are for me to wear still trying to find that perfect shade of red so i stay with the pink nude beige looks


    I definitely like the appearance of this liner.. It blends very nicely with your lip color and doesn't stand out to loudly..

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