Too Faced Mascaras review!

Hi guys!

I was very kindly selected to review these two Too Faced Mascaras by Prismpop. 

The first is a trial-sized Damn Girl Mascara, and the other is a full-sized Better than Sex Mascara.

Here's my review and comparison of these.

1. Damn Girl Mascara: My first impression after opening the pack and taking this mascara out was that it was an unusual shape! Not necessarily in a bad way though! It's an angular bottle and is quite cute. It wasn't until I took out the other mascara that I noticed the difference in weight. This mascara has a plastic packaging and so is a lot lighter than the other one.

My second impression was after opening the bottle, the wand is HUGE!!! It's definitely the biggest one I have seen so far. That made it a bit intimidating to apply the mascara. I was worried about poking myself in the eye!

But it was fine when I started applying the mascara. It was softer than I thought it would be. It was a bit spiky and not the most comfortable wand but it wasn't too bad either. I did get a few mascara marks on my lid though due to the wand being too big for my eye. On the plus side, the mascara that got on my lid was very easy to dust off once it had dried.

On application, I noticed a few things. One, it wasn't clumping my lashes. It was voluminizing but not too lengthening. I did the amount of mascara I usually do and there were a few plus points, but I wasn't too wowed. It isn't a sticky formula which is a plus for me though because my usual mascara is sticky and I find that uncomfortable. It also dries quick which is also a plus for me. It doesn't feel heavy either. And my lashes still felt soft.

After wearing it for a bit, I can confirm that it doesn't flake on me. But to be fair, not many mascaras do because I have dry skin. It was easy to take off which is what I want. Overall, I quite like this mascara. I do enjoy the volume it gives a lot and I believe it will only get better as it gets a bit older and drier (Not that it's a super liquid formula).

Now, onto the second one!

2. Better than Sex Mascara: My first impression on this mascara was definitely an awe for the packaging! It is so well made. The container is a nice heavy metal and the color is just to die for!

When I got into the actual mascara, it's wand wasn't as intimidating as the first one but still quite big. I did like that it looked a lot cleaner coming out of the bottle, not as much excess product on the wand.

On application, I immediately noticed more length that the damn girl mascara although less volume. I thought the damn girl wasn't clumpy, but this definitely beats it to the no clump game. It's very separating so it makes the lashes look more fluffy but not thick, if that makes sense. It definitely gives a more lifting and curling effect too.

This mascara is again very lightweight, non sticky and keeps the lashes feeling soft. The longeivity and flakiness were about the same as for the first mascara. I didn't see a whole lot of difference there.

So, all in all, I was impressed by some characteristics of both the mascaras. The damn girl would be good if you care more about volumizing and the too faced more for lengthening. I enjoy the wear and ease of removal of both of these mascaras. As for me, since I have both, I am gonna go for layering them! Here's a side by side comparison picture:

P.S. Sorry for the background mess up in the video! :( 

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  • Marija

    Great and detailed review! Your lashes look great with both mascaras. They are so long and have great curve. When I used these mascaras my lashes clumped together, I guess because they are thick. I am still practicing better applying these mascaras and getting used to the wand. Please continue checking my posts, liking and commenting. Thank you💖