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Too Faced Hangover Primer Review

have been so excited to try out this primer! The name does all the talking for me and I have to say, whenever I do have half (!) a glass of wine, I can always see it in my skin the next day. One of my fave brands, Too Faced have created a product to fix this very problem! Here is Too Faced Hangover Primer.

And rather than hangover-hangover, we are talking beauty-hangover. You know the one – staring at a screen all day, going to bed too late and not drinking half as much water as you should. Oh and maybe that half a glass of wine! 🍷

Too Faced Hangover Primer contains:

“Coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers to help replenish tired, depleted and overworked skin while locking down makeup for fresh and flawless wear.” I like the sound of that! 😍

Hangover Primer is a creamy primer that hydrates and brightens, whilst promoting elasticity, soothing and smoothing. It promises to deliver skin that looks like its hard a good night’s sleep and you’ve been a good girl on your water intake.

You can use it alone to give your skin a lovely, healthy dewy finish or under makeup for a super flawless skin look.

I really, really like Too Faced (check out the Fall 2014 collection HERE) but I have only tried colour, not any skin products. That make testing this out even more exciting!

👍I think it gives my complexion a lovely, juicy fresh look and I really like the feel of it on my complexion. It is really hydrating and refreshing. I haven’t tested it underneath makeup yet, and I really need to as it is a primer after all. When I do, I shall come back with a little update on how it layers and if it improves wear time. Ree XXX

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