This is my first time trying the Byroe Tomato Serum

This Tomato Serum claims that it is a highly concentrated treatment serum. It claims to be a hydrating formula visibly reduces the appearance of imperfections and improves the look of the skin texture for a soft, sooth, and clarified complexion.

I recommend this product for people with dry skin! My skin drank this up!

It is a thicker serum so I don’t recommend as the first step of your skincare routine but the step right before your moisturizer.

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  • Marilyn Wagner

    Best serum ever!!!! This stuff has done wonders for the shrinking of my pores!!! I will forever be a loyal customer for this stuff.

  • Moises

    I love a glowing skin !!

  • Camryn

    You look so glowy 😍 I can't wait to hear your update on how you think this product looks. I've been wanting to try it out.. but that price tho... 😳

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