🍅 tomato power!

Hey everyone! It's Nicole, and I wanted to really rave about the *Byroe Tomatoe serum! This stuff has changed my face for the better and after going through both my mini sample bottles, I HAVE taken the plunge and ordered the BIG one. Very spendy at $125.00 but worth every single penny! Thank you prismpop for giving me my new favorite product. My face has never looked so radiant and young. I am about to turn 32 and I honestly look 22. The application is so easy and to just put it on before bed and wake up silky and glowing every morning, Ill take that all day everyday.

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  • Erika Vargas

    I need this in my life! I’ve been looking for a serum that will help with my wrinkles that are starting to show. I would to sample this product before actually spending that much money but definitely would’ve if I had received a free sample and I really liked it! Great product review!

  • Amanda Lingle

    This stuff is a HUGE want on my list. But for 150.00 its a little out of this mommas league. But I have seen nothing but RAVE reviews for this. I love products that leave your skin feeling super smooth plus is a fact that tomatoes actually get rid of the bad bacteria on your skin that causes breakouts!!! Dream product for me.

  • Wade

    Great post girl

  • Samantha

    How did you get it for 125? where did you go? great post

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