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TIS Experience for Combo and Sensitive Skin

⚠️ I tried several of the Touch In Sol products and I wanted to share my personal honest experience with the products. I was initially going to write a review titled “Touch In Sol Primer Is It Date Proof?”. I was going to wear it for a few hours for my date and document it. But things didn't go as planned..
I applied the products to a clean face. Following everything, the package stated since it was my first time trying the products and the brand. I applied the prime essence first because it has calendula and then primer since the box states it conceals. I also read on the website you can pair them together. "Use it on its own to brighten and moisturize skin, or pair it with our No Poreblem Primer to create the perfect blank canvas for your next killer look." It did give me a perfect canvas for the rest of my makeup. After I finished applying everything it looked flawless. I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it didn't last...
⌛️ After 2 hours of wearing it I started noticing lots of oil on my pores, especially the areas that get oily on me. I have combo skin. It made me produce way too much oil than normal. After 5 hours my face was a complete oily mess. It felt disgusting. I wanted to take it off as soon as my date was over, but had to snap some pictures before (for this review). I’m so glad my date was my husband and he knew I was doing it for a review. 
😐 After taking off everything with my simple makeup wipes (made for sensitive skin). I noticed a lot of tiny white bumps all over my face. I thought maybe they were from clogged pores. So I decided to go ahead and do the mild scrubbing & peel gel mask to cleanse my face well. After that, my skin was stinging very badly. I washed it off as quick as I could and noticed red marks on my skin. 😩 My face was hurting at that point.
I decided to apply the “All in 1 aid cream” since the website states "This ultra-moisturizing cream is designed to nourish skin with proven, hydrating ingredients.  Imparts a triple-barrier moisture shield which enhances firmness and elasticity, and keeps skin feeling and looking healthy.” It did not help. It was just super creamy for my face. It made my skin greasy and did not help the redness. I washed it off and applied some of my favorite moisturizer. The next day my face still had dark spots from where the red marks were, and the tiny bumps disappeared. 
😔 I had never had this happened to me before with any other product. I have sensitive skin, combo skin. I don’t think I will reuse this brand. As all of the 4 products I tried did not go well with my skin.
Have you ever had a bad experience with new skincare? How did you deal with it? 💕

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  • Sherry Mashburn

    I liked the primer

  • Tiffany Yuen

    Yikes!! Thank you for sharing your experience with these products. I have sensitive skin too, so this might not be the right skincare for me either. I hope your skin has recovered from this ordeal! 💗

  • Jaxgma

    Try and figure out what ingredient/s you could be having a reaction too by comparing the ingredients in products that do not cause you issues. It will help you narrow down the offender and allow you to avoid it in the future. Benadryl gel is a go to for topical to apply for an allergic reaction, but will not feel great if it is a chemical burn.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Thank you for the honest review. I have sensitive skin and acne scars and roseca sometimes active acne and I was wondering about this brand but I'm afraid it will irritate my skin worse! Thank you for being honest. Great review. You are beautiful

  • Michelle Gonzales

    This was great to onow!! I was just asking on a couple of other posts about the primer!! Use it under 2 hours and wash off.. Other than that don't use it.. I'm sure different effects for different skin types but my face is oily and tends to be sensitive to SOME stuff.. My face skin has a mind of its own!! I've gotten to where I just wear eyeliner.. 😥

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Thank you for an honest review of products!


    You are such a fox! Great post as usual!

  • Stefany Scaggs

    You are beautiful. I wish I had your skin. I love to try these products I been wanting to try them for a while now. Thank you for the info.

  • Jaxgma

    You had an allergic reaction to at least one of the ingredients. Good that you took it off when you did, it would have become worse. I have had a simular reaction to a very well known brand that you have to order through a rep. I hope your skin feels better soon.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I also have combo sensitive skin, I was worried about the prime essence, primer and glassy balm due to the silicone. As well as all 3 of those products contain limonene; as well as both of the primers contain fragrance. All 3 of those ingredients can cause irritation for sensitive skin. I honestly didn't have any issues (which I really was surprised about), but everyone's skin is different. Sorry you didn't enjoy the items, and ended up with some skin problems. But thank you for you honest review. ❤️

  • Andrea

    😔 darn i was thinking of giving it a try but i also have very sensitive skin

  • Anyla

    Beautiful skin

  • Andrea

    Thanks for your honestly my skin is the same type prob wouldve had the same results