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This Weeks Drop 🤪

Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! I think I'm one of the few people actually keeping up with the days of the week at this point. 😂 

Going forward I am starting something a little new it's definitely going to be a challenge but I am VERY excited to put this into motion! Each week I'll post a little heads up for what you can expect to see this week including some fun new segments I am creating. 😁

First up I'll be posting DIY videos labeled as "JEMs" which stands for Jordan Easily Made. These will feature at home skincare treatments that you can easily make alone, or I've noticed quite a few of you have children so you can have them join in on the fun! 🎨

I'll also be writing articles on brands I've been trying, more in depth information on how I select a brand, or how to determine if a product is right for you! 🔎 

And of course I will keep the fun videos coming! I have a segment I'm calling "Oops I bought it again" which will review $15 and under impulse purchases I've made and if they were worth the purchase it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I look forward to sharing more of my skincare journey with you all and I hope you enjoy more of the madness of my ongoing quest for great skin. 🥰

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