This stuff helped me

I bought this because i was told it was really good stuff and it is ut helpes wirh my back pain and my anxiety i totally recommend this.

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  • Cakefacebrit

    Hmmm I’m so curious about this kind of stuff. I tried one CBD ointment for my Ciatic Nerve pain and it didn’t help whatsoever. I def would like to try this since you say it helps with pain! I also have anxiety! Is this topical or oral?

  • Sarah

    I have been very curious about this kind of product thanks for the help!

  • sally peabody

    I take hemp oil daily. It does everything for me. I have anxiety disorder and see a doctor for that. This helps with it but also it has lowered my blood pressure. I have facial products that contain hemp. Love them too. My skin is glowing and truly I believe it is oral hemp oil working from the inside out. Nice review !

  • Amanda

    I have anxiety. I may need to check this out!👍