This Skincare Routine Got Rid of My Acne Part 1 😍

This skincare routine has DRAMATICALLY improved my skin, especially with acne. Before, my chin and forehead would always have spots. Recently I haven't had a single pimple. All I have left are some really small dots on my forehead from clogged pores. I think my pigmentation from past acne has faded faster because of the products I used. 
The first step is an oil cleanse. I learned that double cleansing is a well-known practice for skincare fanatics. Having an oil and a gentle cleanser really gets all your makeup off and leaves your skin ready for active ingredients. 
⭐This product I use is the Banila Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. It's SUPER HYPED in Korea. Everyone and their mom uses it. If you're interested in Korean skincare, this is a good product to try. 
🤑 It's also a pretty reasonable price, $19 for a large tub. 
💯 My Thoughts: It's a well-performing balm that loosens/removes all my makeup, all the way down to mascara. I don't have to rub my skin with a wipe or with any force, which means no premature wrinkles! The texture is really nice and doesn't irritate my skin in any way.  I recommend it and would definitely repurchase it. 

Let me know if you've tried any of the products I've used and what your favorite skincare products are! 
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  • Jennifer Henning

    Very interested in this. I get acne in all the same spots its sooo annoying. Course I feel like that's all anybody can see on my face. I'll be keeping up and looking into this product for sure.

  • Robin Russell

    I've seen some products that I really would want to try like Ric Hair. If this works as well as you say...I'm sold!

  • Sarah

    This sounds really great! I have been really looking into a better way for my teenage daughter to wash her face to help her get rid of her acne! Thanks for sharing. Especially like it isn't a atm and a leg!! Thanks again

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