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This Remover is An Industry Secret 🤫PrismPop Mascara Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win an exclusive Mini IILIA Limitless Lash Mascara worth 40,000 coins!
Comment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
🧐What makeup do you find the hardest to remove? How do you remove it? (Mascara? Glitter? Longlasting Foundation? Lipstick? Share your experience)
Watch and Comment on the posts linked below! Technically, commenting on this post does not qualify... even though we do appreciate it 😘
➡️ Perfect Pairings BLUSH ✨ LIPSTICKS by Montse
➡️The palette of my DREAMS 🌛 OFRA Sweet Dreams Signature Palette - by Melissa

👑Winner will be announced April 20 @ 6pm 🥰
The winner from the previous PrismPop Daily Giveaway is.....(drum roll...)🥁
❤️Nicole Kenneally❤️
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  • angela

    been trying new mascara looking for my favorite. would love to try this one🖤🖤🖤

  • Liz

    Would love to try this

  • Contina Glover

    I would love to try this

  • Lisa Antovski

    Mascara, until I found the power of vaseline.

  • Erin

    I find mascara the hardest make up to remove. I find using a remover that is oil based or using a little bit of coconut oil does the trick.

  • Erin

    I find mascara the hardest make up to remove. I find using a remover that is oil based or using a little bit of coconut oil does the trick.

  • Melissa Inman

    Glitter is the hardest to remove for me. It seems like it just don’t want to come off.

  • Jin Moore

    Excited to try prismpop

  • Angie harshey

    Love prismpop

  • Carol Wicker

    This would be a nice gift thanks for the info

  • Tia

    I think the glitter flakes and powders are hardest to remove definitely! Because I still see it smeared all over my face in places! I would looove to win sometime due to the fact my Almost 3 year old flushed over 100$ worth of makeup I’ve been collecting from my ipsy and allure bags down the toilet in a 3 day period lol

  • Daleine Kissinger

    Mascara is the hardest for me to remove, so I would love to try the make-up remover!

  • Wendy Gomez

    In my opinion , you can break out any face and eyes make up with the proper remover, but removing eyelash and eyeliner are the most difficult ones because you have to be very careful of not rubbing too much or too hard to not create wrinkles. I remove mascara with two q-tips with dual phase remover: one up and another one down the lashes. It takes forever, but it works.

  • Rebecca Elyse

    All kinds of mascara really! No matter what, even if I do my entire 17-step nightly beauty routine before I pass out (which happens far too often! Lol) I somehow wake up in the AM looking like I have raccoon in my distant bloodline!😜

  • Joni

    I find that the absolute hardest makeup to remove by far is waterproof mascara. It's horrible I usually end up pulling out some of my already tiny lashes as it is. You almost need a magnifying glass to see them they are so small and wispy. I found that even the best makeup remover wipes struggle to get it off. I need mascara undoubtedly so what do I do.

  • Kailyn Gath

    Glitter, for sure! Even after using several makeup remover wipes, and taking multiple showers, I'll still find glitter in places where glitter shouldn't ever end up days later.

  • Illya Ossian

    Glitter eyeliner, it just gets all over the place.

  • Brittany Eller

    I'd love to win something for once!

  • Denise

    I have never found anything to remove my waterproof mascara. I would really like to try this because I think it would work.

  • Anna Bryant

    I am needing to speak to an admin please! I have a question about Prism Pop! My email is annantony0806@gmail.com thank you so much for having me in this FANTASTIC GROUP!!!

  • Rebecca Brantner

    Waterproof mascara always seems difficult to remove but my #1 go to always seems to be good old vasoline it its pretty messy when I first start taking it off but it works great and removes it all & I never have a problem with any lashes falling out& it a thrifty make-up remover

  • joshalyn

    I always have a hard time removing my mascara!

  • Kitty Duncan krol

    I ise warm water on my eyes with a cloth ti get my mascara off an i ise make up wipes to remove all my makeup an then warm eater on a cloth to get all extra stuff the wipes did not get. Lotion on my eyelashes to remove the mascara also.

  • Shanta Barua

    It's always the mascara from my eyelashes!! If I try too hard to remove them, my lashes start falling. And I have a tendency to rub my eyes because of seasonal allergies. So if I don't remove the mascara properly, it smudges all underneath my eyes the morning after. I really hope to find a solution to this very soon!

  • Loretta Edwards

    I want to know the best mascara to wear? My issue is the mascara sometimes get in my eye and with me rubbing it then my eyeshadow is now messed up.