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This Product Creates an Optical Illusion for Perfect Looking Skin 💯

I’ve been needing a setting powder for a while now, and I finally purchased the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Mini in Dim Light. I’ve used this before and I’ve been dreaming about buying it ever since. I finally have it again and I’m so excited to share it with y’all!
🤑$48 USD for 0.35 oz, $24 for 0.049 oz
I bought the smaller size and I am now realizing that I definitely got swindled/robbed of my coin. The larger size is only double the price but seven times the amount 😭
⭐Claim to be universally flattering, with Photoluminescent Technology to diffuse and refract light, refining the appearance of the skin
🎁The packaging is a very luxurious coppery square compact. The product is domed like a baked highlighter. Both sizes come with a mirror.
⭐The powder is mighty fine. It feels super smooth and satin-y and blends to nothing.
✅I basically use this in place of any setting powder. Using a large fluffy brush, I apply it allover my face after applying foundation to achieve smooth looking skin. It does not cake with reapplication.
💯This ish is expensive! But I LOVE this product. My skin tends to dry out quickly especially when I use powder products. This is so smooth on the skin and is really weightless and non-drying. I feel like I put nothing on, but my skin looks fantastic. I really believe the powder “distracts” the appearance of pores and fine lines.   
⚠️This product mentions glowing skin, but it is NOT a highlighter. There are no shimmery flecks or metallic shine, but there is a very subtle sheen that merely adds that slight glow to your skin.
💕What is your favorite setting powder?
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