After seeing an unbelievable ad for this transformative mascara, I knew I needed to try it! I hadn’t yet heard of Thrive Causemetics, but their Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara ($24) looked like it could be my new everyday essential. What I ultimately want in a mascara is something that coats and lengthens without clumping. Read on to see if this product lived up to my expectations.

As you can tell from the name, Thrive Causemetics isn’t your typical beauty brand. Their “Beauty with a Purpose” platform means that for every product purchased, one is donated to empower a woman thriving through cancer or domestic violence. Plus, we love that the products are all vegan, cruelty-free and developed in the USA.
PACKAGING - The Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara comes in a pretty substantial tube. It seems like there is a lot more product in there than other mascaras, so you do get a lot of bang for your buck.
BRUSH -  The brush is plastic and reminded me somewhat of Covergirl LashBlast but slightly more tapered.
INGREDIENTS - Besides boasting the appearance of fuller lashes, I love how Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara contains ingredients that encourage lash health and growth. The ingredients include castor oil, panthenol, shea butter and an orchid stem cell complex that stimulates lash growth. It also contains a “Fiber Potion” of buildable fibers, Korean pasque, usnea barbata plant extract and piperitum fruit extract to improve lash health and strength. I don’t have super sensitive eyes, so I can’t say if this formula will work for those who do. 

These are my lashes with one coat of Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. My naked lashes are about average length and super light brown, so as you can see, this mascara does add color, volume and length (as it should).
APPLICATION - When applying Liquid Lash Extensions, I found that it was a little more difficult than some other mascaras to apply because… it clumped. Not terribly but I definitely had to go over my lashes quite a few times until I totally brushed the clumps out. I think this may be because the brush bristles are so short. In the end though, I loved how my lashes looked with it on- it really did make them LONG, as promised.

WEAR - did it last all day? After a few hours of wear I noticed a couple little flakes here and there, but no major smudging. Overall it outlasted most of my mascaras, including the expensive ones like Too Faced’s Better Than Sex. Liquid Lash Extensions also comes off SO easily at the end of the day. With just a gentle face wash and water, this stuff was gone- no need for tough makeup remover.
If you want big fat lashes, and can deal with a little clumping, Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions could be great for you. While it is a little on the pricey side, the tube is huge so you get a lot of product. I’ll definitely continue to wear this mascara!

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