this little tablet is a Facial Cleanser

A little pill that fits right in your purse for some face cleansing. ๐Ÿ’Š
Easy to pack and super nice results. โœˆ๏ธ
Smells like you’re in a turkish hammam! ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท

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  • Christian Callaway

    I love the packaging it looks like a perfect face cleanser to travel with in suit case or purse! I have never seen a face cleanser like that and it looks so awesome. I like that it is like a pill and not a liquid, it definitely makes it super easy to travel with!

  • Kristie

    Never seen anything like that before where did 7 get them from

  • haku izunami

    That was I think the fastest I've ever seen a cleanser being used! Omg that would be so helpful when traveling it doesn't take up a lot of space and I don't imagine it weighs a lot either

  • Misty

    Is there alcohol of any sort as an ingredient? I am unable to use many things scented and most scented product co gains alcohol.

  • Barbara Leccese

    Iโ€™ve never seen these before how convenient they would be!

  • Deanna

    Would love to try

  • Maddison

    So cool

  • Britteny Ligon

    Great video

  • Tina rose

    That would be so awsome

  • Rhonda Miller

    For real?? THis is fan freaking tastic!!

  • Crystal Jones

    I am in love with these little face wash pills.They are the best for vacations or spending the night out.I always keep one in my purse for just in case moments.

  • Alejandra Carrillo

    That's pretty awesome! I like it because it saves space and you can take it anywhere. Sounds prefect for traveling or a busy lifestyle. I avoid tea tree oil and citrus ingredients like orange because I have sensitivities to them. I look for nourishing, gentle, and beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, retinol, CBD oil, hemp etc., because I like them and they make my skin look and feel best.

  • Terra Fletcher

    I'm currently using all natural products. But I love you energy!!!

  • Michelle

    I got one of these in a sample bag and they work so good!!! Like 2 drops of water and you have a nice srub/mask!! I let mine sit on for a while and my skin was so soft after!!! Love them!!

  • Mia Quilici

    I avoid parabens and sulfates

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I really really like these! And I've learned to conserve them by breaking them in half! I realized I really didn't need that entire tab to clean my face and I am saving a few dollars in the process

  • yona garlit

    I definitely avoid any products that contain harsh chemicals and alcohol. My skin is very sensitive and I have found that if I avoid those things, my skin thanks me greatly.

  • Ann taylor

    I would love to try this

  • Stephanie Williams

    I'm a Philosophy girl. But I would love to try this one. Can't get any easier than this. I'm still open to trying other products that are not full of chemicals. Hummm gotta check it out

  • StylishSelections

    I generally check to see if the product contains harsh chemicals. Also, I look to see if it has palm oil, as the process for sourcing palm oil is very destructive to animals and the environment.

  • Lori Odaniel

    When im looking for a new skin care product i check to see if they contain Parabeus- preservatives artificial fragrances sodium lauryl sulfate these are things to harm your skin. Thanks for your insight.

  • Ashley Hunt

    When I look for skincare products I always look at ingredients and try to avoid anything with any kind of alcohol in them. Other than acme treatments I try to avoid products containing alcohol because alcohol can be very drying. I am combo leaning oily, being I am very oily in my t-zone and dry other areas, so therefore I try to not make those areas worse dry by using products that contain bad alcohols!

  • Naf

    I love this product and it's so unique too. The ingredients that I look for in a new skincare product is hyaluronic acid, and other vitamins.

  • Patricia

    Oh I like the portability aspect of this product, and since I've been in a Turkish Hammam I like it even more now, thanks for the cool review! I look for products that have natural plant based oils, Rose oil, Argan oil etc.except for Hemp oil because I recently discovered I'm allergic to it, also look for Hyaluronic Acid, and clean forms of Retinol, Vitamins B3 and C, Aloe, Probiotics and Charcoal to name a few, avoid Alcohol since it's extremely drying.

  • Chelli counts

    I have used this one and I really like it

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