This eyebrow pencil is AMAZING

I love this eyebrow pencil so much. It's from NYX, and they come in all different shades - but the one thing that's so great is the little brush on the end. Especially with my unruly brows it's hard to tame them, but I love that this brush is so precise and allows me to have great brows - it basically lets you draw on individual hairs. 
It's suitable for vegans, and is a big best seller - the price is great at around $10 as well. 

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  • Alexis Kyle

    I use this brow pencil and IT'S THE BEST. I used to use ELF or just eyeshadow to fill in my brows, but I found this on sale during black friday and I freaking have been loving it!

  • Christy Sargent

    Its all about the brows!

  • Shannon citrino

    Your brows look amazing!! The color matches your tone well too. I have blinde sparse thin brows and most of the products made for blonde people are a bit too dark. I did just try this Loreal ink pen came out ok...I need some real practice, but not bad in a pinch.

  • rachel latulip

    This pencil is honeslty the best brow pencil I have ever used. This pencil allows you to create small flicks that resemble the appearance of fine brow hairs. The colors vary from a blonde to red to brown to black. There is literally a pencil shade for everyone. This is a must have in any makeup loves kit. ABH has some of the finest products I have ever used. The price point resembles that of desginer brands, however, this is well worth what you will spend. Nothing in comparison.

  • Nicole Shoquist

    Omg my eyebrows seem to be so wild no matter what! I really need to keep trying stuff and this looks a good product!

  • Hope grant

    My eyebrows are thick and over the place I have try to tame it but it's really hard to get good like yours.

  • Jennifer Hargis

    It looks really pretty.

  • Jodi

    I love your review, I definitely have to try this. I love NYX products.

  • Analisia

    I love nyx. I have to try this. I've been looking for a new eyebrow pencil.

  • Kitty Morgan

    Nice! Also we have the same name! NYX is one of my favorite brands!

  • Alexa

    How cool

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