This Coconut Primer is a MAKEUP MAGNET

Hi everyone Bmarsz here reviewing Tarte Base Tape Primer.
⏰ Supposed to hydrate and prep your skin for 12 hours!
🥛 Super milky, runny, lightweight consistently 
🥥 Smells really strongly of coconuts, which I enjoy~
💕 goes on smoothly, now lets see how Tarte's Shape Tape lays on top
💧 I love the dewy finish it gives while holding the foundation
🌟 It is hard to have a nice healthy "glow" with dry skin and this helps achieve that!
🐮 100% vegan
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  • Micheala

    I really like this review thanks

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love to try this primer.bthis is what I need! But I have so much textured skin because of indented scars that I just can't find a good primer. Thank you for the video I am going to try this primer.

  • Cherylyn Pacheco

    I love the scent

  • Heather

    I really love the smell of coconuts too! My skin is slowly becoming more and more dry as time goes on so this is definitely at the top of my list of primers to try out. Great demo!

  • Bonita kasee

    Gotta try this, I been using a product from believe beauty, it's a hydrating primer, it does hydrate, I just dont think it's the best under my foundation lol gonna try this one tho, thanks for the info, great work

  • Carol Wicker

    I really like this It wail be a nice one to try

  • Tonya Novalis

    I would love to try this. I'm going to have to order for sure.

  • Robin Bell

    I love that this product gives off a coconut scent and not a chemical smell. A nice dewy finish is perfect for my skin with the summer months just around the corner I don't want to look all matte and dried out. Thank you for this amazing review and I look forward to testing out this fun product.

  • Janice Williams

    Smell of coconut would be nice on your face. I like how both blended well on your face. Thanks for sharing.

  • Drea Rahming

    As someone with oily skin I am still intrigued enough to want to try I do love a little glow along with getting my makeupto stay put

  • Beth Gandolfo

    I love the smell of coconut. It is warm and inviting. This primer completely changed my makeup game. It is smooth and soft to the touch on my skin and it really help better my makeup application and all over look of my face when I have foundation applied. I love this video as well. Good tips!

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love the smell of coconut and I love primers. This is the first primer I have seen that is milk color. At first before you blended it out, I was wondering if it was going to dry white on your face. This primer looks and sounds like what I need! My skin gets so dry and my foundation settles into my lines. This primer looks like it does a great job keeping foundation from settling into fine lines! Your foundation looks great! What kind of beauty blender are you using in this video? Thankss for sharing. Great video too! I have tried lots of primers and there has been some that I like but none that I can say I LOVE! After seeing your video, I really think this is the primer for me! This is the one I will Love! I love coconut and anything that hydrates sand anything to keep my foundation from settling into my fine lines and to help minimize the appearance of my pores! Is this primer ok to use with sensitive acne prone skin and roseca? Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Tiana

    I have never tried any skin mists/sprays. I would love to try this but coconut scent makes me feel sick.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I have allergies and if this has a strong coconut smell it might bother my sinuses. I need something lightly scented but this sounds good otherwise.

  • Cait Burrie

    I use primer daily, I have a sample size of this primer. I do really like it. I’m new to setting sprays however, I do have a few and have tried them, but I’m anxious for the summer humidity to test them for real.

  • Lindsay Piggott

    i love coconut

  • lintu

    Love anything with coconut 💕 This product looks just amazing! My favorite is Mario Badescu facial mist with aloe, cucumber and green tea. It's very hydrating and refreshing.

  • Michele

    Love anything coconut to start with 😜😜😜 I have dry skin sprays like this do help but haven’t found one yet to brag about would love be to try this one

  • katherine wu

    This looks like an amazing primer! I love using setting spray, specifically Urban Decay's all nighter setting spray! It works well and helps my makeup stay on all day and it gives me a nice hydrated look!

  • Nicole Robinson

    I love using setting sprays. They give me a fresh hydrated look that I love so much.

  • Rayna Jenkins

    This looks like an amazing hydrating primer.


    Wow that looks like it works wonders! I'm in love with face sprays/mists of all varieties. The best ones I found came from the Olay line and they just smell amazing and give my face that little boost off hydration it desperately needs.especially dealing with this michigan winter, lake effect wind is no joke

  • Vanessa Cardenas

    My go to primer is by Huda beauty and lately I’ve been obsessed with Urban Deacy all nighter setting spray. It helps my makeup stay on all day and doesn’t leave me looking shiny

  • Sabrina

    I'm really starting to get into products that are vegan, organic, or all natural ingredients so I really like this. I like how you showed the consistency very well with it running down the hand. Sometimes I find it hard to tell in a video. It's very impressive how well it worked! I would definitely try this. I'm wondering if they have other items in their line I might like. I only have Spellbinder Makeup Setting Spray but I rarely have the opportunity to use it. I use Keeva's products because they're organic, smell great and have tea tree oil in then so they keep my skin moistured and clear. Thank you for the share!

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I've never tried this primer but I do have their sea primer and it's very good. My favorite mist/spray for skincare is the grace & Stella rose spray, it's amazing. And my favorite setting spray is the Milani charcoal setting spray. I think they really help your makeup stay put (especially in the Texas heat I'm about to be getting).