This All-Natural Facial Mist Toner is Aromatic AF!

Hey PrismPop it’s Siana again! I’m back testing out my second product by Trisha Watson Organics, the Flower Girl Facial Water. Don’t miss my last video on the Charcoal Face Wash from the same brand!
Here are some of my thoughts…
🌸 You can really smell the flowers in this Flower Girl Toner… I could basically use it as a perfume, it’s that good! But if you’re not into smells, these natural fragrances might be a bit too much.
💦 This spray was impressive! One spritz was plenty for my whole face. A little goes a long way, just like the Beyond Grateful Cleanser I tried before this one! Go Trisha!
✨ My face felt nice and calm afterwards and had a very pretty glisten to it.
About the Brand
🌎 Sustainable: Trisha grows many of her product’s ingredients at her own farm!
🌿 All Natural: There are no harsh fragrances or chemicals, just all-organic goodness for your face!
✨ Plus: This is small batch skincare so you know it’s made with love 💕
Final Thoughts
💰 At around $30, this is a fairly pricey product (probably because it’s all organic small-batch skincare!) so I was happy to be able to try a beauty product that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.
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  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love the smell of lavander. I really want to try this thanks great review

  • Crystal

    Girl, it doesn’t look like you have any acne! But cool that this doesn’t make it stand out as much. I need it. Please watch my videos and leave some comments!

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