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This ABH Brow Powder Duo is so Versatile I Even Use It as Eyeshadow!

Hello brow makeup lovers!
I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo after I’ve tried the Brow Pomade by the same brand. 
🎁Packaging - The product looks very beautiful. The small and cute palette is nice and pleasant to hold in your hands and its compact size makes it irreplaceable while travel. The palette closes tightly yet opens easily. On the bottom side of the product there is some information stated, like the name of the shade (Dark Brown) and expiration date. Inside there is a small mirror which I find useless when it comes to filling out my brows, yet it may become handy while travel.
🎨Shade - The two shades are easy to combine: the lighter one can be used to shape the beginning of the brow while the darker one is good to fill in the sparser areas and the tip.
✅Application - The products are well pressed which makes the spending very low. Unlike pomade, the powders are easier to work with and will be a find for those who are in a constant hurry or a beginner.

Since powders are easy to use, I fill out my brows with them 4-5 times a week, as on weekends I have more time for my makeup and use the pomade. (In the photo you can see the amount of product I’ve used for 8 months.)
The powders are easy to get on the brush and translate on the skin. The application is very even.
Swatches on my bare skin (upper) and over the Urban Decay Primer (lower)
⭐Versatility - I want to say a few words about the versatility of the product. With this product I also do my eye makeup, for daytime and evening.
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