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theBalm Dew Manizer Can Be For Your Cheeks or Your Eyes!

Oh hello! This is so exciting. There’s a new liquid version of the iconic theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter!! I am obsessed! Check out theBalm Mary Dew Manizer & Bonnie Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighters. I have photos, swatches and all the details!
✨Bonnie Lou Manizer is a similar highlighter for darker skin tones and now both shades are available in a multi-tasking liquid format.
Features –
✨Creamy lightweight formula
✨Wear alone on the eyes, cheekbones and cupid’s bow for an intense highlight
✨Can be added to lip colour for extra sheen
✨Mix with moisturiser, primer, or foundation for a radiant dewy finish
✨Doe foot applicator for easy, precise application
✨Blends effortlessly
✨Sets for long wear
Texture - I love the texture. It glides on and blends out really easily. Mary Dew is a great highlight shade for me, and while Bonnie Dew is better suited to darker skin tones, it is perfect as an eye shade on fairer skins.
What I really love about the formula is that you get a nice bit of play time before it sets into place really well. It’s a great texture.


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