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The Very Versatile, Super Sexy, and Gorgeous Gliding Gel Pencil Liner

So I originally bought this planning to use it as a more “out there” eyeliner, but Clio’s gelspresso liner has come in handy for more than just a frisky eye look. I’ve been playing around with using this one as a lip liner 💄because of the more natural shade of red, and when I want to spice up my usual winged eye. 👀
The texture of this pencil is super soft, it’s a gel liner in a retractable pencil (thank god, no need for a sharpener ladies)! It glides on so smoothly and creates a subtle yet noticeable flare to my look. I don’t use it everyday, but it’s definitely fun for switching up my routine. The pencil also comes with a blender on the other end, which I’ve used for a couple of smoky eye looks. I actually like to draw a thick line with this liner, then use a black liquid liner closer to my lash line for a lively double-colored, double-dimensioned look. 💟
I have green eyes, and since green and red are complimentary colors this liner adds an indescribable pop to my eyes, though I imagine it’d be super cute on brown and blue eyed gals as well!🌈
When Clio said waterproof, they meant water-PROOF!⚠️ This stuff can be a little tough to get off without the right makeup remover, so if you’re more about makeup wipes maybe this will be a skip for you, but for, me it’s great knowing my look will stay in play day or night, rain or shine!
What’s your favorite eye liner? Do you go for a bold colorful style, or a classy tame look? Let me know down below! 💡

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