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The Ultimate Nails - Color Club x PrismPop Tester Bag

I've been thoroughly enjoying testing out polishes from Color Club. Of the five shades one is matte, three have high shine and one is super shimmery.  Color club is USA made by a woman owned business. Love that !  The polish has the perfect size brush for precise application. These are truly my new fave polishes. 🤎💙🖤🧡💚
Matte-erial Girl : First off these polish names just make me smile and I think we all could use a few more smiles these days.  This color is a bronzy, gold color and dries to the perfect level of matte. 

  Feeling Under the Weather : This polish is going to brighten your day in an instant.  It’s the perfect blue gray shade with a high shine. Whether you’re off to a bridal shower or a day out with the girls this color is sure to class up your look.         

Yes, of Quartz: This is shimmer to the max ! My nails look super silvery and glittery after one coat and super brilliant after two coats.  Note these polishes don’t have that strong chemical scent which makes doing your nails a better xperience.                                                                                 

Cobbler Gobbler : if you’re in need of a bright springy color look no further. This makes your fingers or toes *POP*!  Note that you may need extra coats with this color to fully cover your nails. I needed three.  This color is super happy.         

Martian Martian Martian :  This is by far my favorite green ever. Get ready for your friends to be jealous because your nails are going to rock. After two coats my nails are shiny and fab. This is a year round color for me now. Looooove it !

Your nails are going to be the star here. You’ll feel glam in a hoodie and yoga pants with these gorgeous Color Club nail colors. Thank you to PrismPop for sending these for me to test. 💞

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  • Pauline

    Really love Color Clubs newest color Yes, of Quartz nail Lacquer. Want to try this green and purple blended color and some others like blue. Thanks for sharing again this interesting posted review. Had fun looking over this post.

  • Jesica Dillon

    Hadn't seen this post. Goodness, those color are all so beautiful and wearable. Will be on the look out for a few. Great detailed review thanks

  • Christian Brown

    I love your review, I was selected as a Prism Pop Tester too and loved all the nail lacquers so much. The colors are beautiful and my favorite so far is Yes of Quartz

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Martian Martian Martian was my favorite as well, and I'm not typically a green person at all. That and under the weather were the ones I got the most comments and questions about (online, not seeing anyone in person. Haha). I loved all of them, but cobbler gobbler was thin and streaky but absolutely beautiful for nail art; stripes, dots, stamping, etc. Thanks for doing this review. I loved being a product tester, looks like you did too. 😍

  • Daisy

    These nail polishes are so cute! Congrats on getting the tester bag

  • Micheala

    I cant wait till mine arrives. so excited to try martian, martian, martian