The sweetest lip mask!🌼PETAL POUT by FLOWER beauty AKA Drew Barrymore

I have been a huge fan of Drew Barrymore since I was a little girl watching E.T., and when I learned that one of my favorite actresses came out with there very own line of beauty products, I had to have some! I started with this Petal Pout Lip Mask in #LM5 PUCKER, and I am so happy with this product!
🌼 Petal Pout lip masks soothe lips in a rejuvenating treatment infused with nourishing mango and cocoa butter. It comforts lips with moisture and a wash of natural looking color. Lips are left Lush, hydrated and kissable.
📝  Take off the protective cap, twist up the stick, and apply a thin layer on your lips
📦 Very cute packaging from the box to the tube! I love how the product is dispensed, I just wish there was more product in the tube itself
🌈 6 shades to choose from! A shade for everyone!
💰 Only $9 ( I got mine on, but most Wal-Marts carry her line.
🤓💭 I am loving this lip mask.. It smells like a bowl of fruity pebbles and makes my lips look asks feel amazing. At first it's a little sticky, but it magically disappears as it melts into your lips.The tube is so much fun, and the color id's beautiful!! I am a huge pinky fan and this shade is to die for! I am going to be getting the other 5 shades because I just feel like I have to have them in my life. 
Thank you for viewing! Have you tried Petal Pout yet? Which one? What did you think about it? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below to get some coins! I have the Flower beauty Sugar Rush pallet coming soon, so stay on the look-out for that video, cuz it's going to be SWEEEEET! See y'all later! ✌

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