The scoop on *ABH Moon Child Glow Kit

Hey everyone! Nicole,back again with another review video :) Today I'm talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit. I got my kit in my December Allure beauty box, and I am ecstatic over it!

*Anastasia Beverly Hills * Moon Child Glow Kit

🔬About the brand: founded in 1997 by Anastasia Soare when she opened her flagship salon in Beverly Hills. Since her launch of eyebrow products in 2000, she has grown to sell over 485 products in over 2,000 stores nationwide. Sold in 25 countries. Girl power!

🎁About the product/packaging: This sweet moon child glow pallet comes in a holographic flip up case and inside it holds 6 beautiful colors that compliment any cheekbones,eyelids,browbones, and really anywhere on your body that you want to glow. Vegan product.

 The goods: Blue Ice-​​​diamond white with ice blue reflect. Purple Horseshoe-sparkling purple with a blue reflectreflect.Lucky Clover-shamrock infused gold with yellow diamond reflectreflect.Star-A moonstone fusion of mint,platinum and silver reflectreflect.Pink heart-pearl white with pink opal reflectreflect.Blue moon-Frozen blue with a silver reflect

📝Application: Use your favorite brush or just use the brush god gave you (fingers) and then just go to work making yourself a beautiful glowing angel.

💵 Price of product: ok so this is kinda spendy, BUT if you hurry and sign up for allure you might still score one of these in your box! The price of mine was only $2.00! BUT if you don't want the allure box, this bad girl will cost you $40.00. I think it's worth it though because the pans are giant and will last a long time!

💭🤓Final thought: I really appreciated this ABH Moon Child Glow kit! The colors scream Christmas time and magic, and that's what I am all about right now! It's a lovely addition to the makeup bag, and I highly recommend!

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