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The Rookie Friendly Benefit Roller Liner

I struggle with liquid liner so I was keen to try out the brand new Benefit Roller Liner. It promises a matte finish, long wear and easy application. Here’s a look at it.

✒ Matte liquid eyeliner
✒ Precision, flexible felt tip for sharp lines
✒ Super-smooth application that won’t drag
✒ Quick-dry, water resistant formula
✒ Promises to last up to 24 hours

⭐Color - I have both shades here to show you – black and brown:

⭐Application - The liner applies really easy and glides over the skin without tugging or dragging. It’s a lovely formula.

Considering that I am really bad at eye liner – I have the wrong eye shape and hooded lids – I actually got on really well with this. I managed to get quite a good angle at the wing with the long tip of the pen and then it was super easy to draw along the lash line because it’s really fluid and flexible.

⭐Wear - It’s not perfect, but really not a bad job for me. It lasted quite well – I did forget I had it on and rubbed my eye, but it only smudged a little and the lines just became less defined, rather than going everywhere.

⭐Verdict - I like it!  I don’t wear liquid liner a lot but I will certainly think about reaching for this when I do.

The Benefit Roller Liner is available now for £18.50.

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