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The Perfect Way To Transport Your Senses To A Tropical Oasis

If you’re already trying to fight those post holiday blues i know the perfect way to transport your senses to a tropical oasis: the sol de janeiro skincare range.
Available in store and online from Mecca, Sol de Janeiro (Brazilian for Sun in January) believes you’re as beautiful as you feel. I have been treating myself to some of Mecca’s newest arrivals and in this blog post I am going to review two of their creams: the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Coco Cabana Cream.
But before I share my thoughts on each here is some info straight from the Sol de Janeiro website on both creams:
Our award-winning, cult favourite Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a luxurious all-over body cream that absorbs quickly to help visibly tighten the appearance of skin. Infused with all-powerful caffeine-rich Guaraná extract and a cocktail of Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí Oil, and Coconut Oil, this fast-absorbing cream with our addictive Pistachio and Salted Caramel fragrance will bring out your most radiant skin ever. Try it and see what the “Bum Bum” effect is all about.
Above is a look inside the tub of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (did you know Bum Bum is pronounced as Boom Boom in Brazil and is slang for bottom?!) which is a thick, nourishing formula. The scent of this is absolutely beautiful, very tropical and fresh, almost good enough to eat! The fragrance is actually Pistachio Caramel, a wonderfully rich fragrance that will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long!
I have been using the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream nightly on my legs for just over a month now. I absolutely love the scent and it absorbs really quickly into my skin. I find I don’t need a lot as it blends out and a little goes a long way (A mistake I made the first time and ended up having to lather my whole body to avoid wasting it haha!). Since applying it nightly my legs are definitely softer, more hydrated and I think my skin looks a little tighter than it did but that could also be a combination of more exercise! I will definitely report back once the tub is finished.
I picked up the tub of Coco Cabana Cream this week and so far I am really enjoying it. It is SUPER hydrating, more than the Bum Bum Cream - so if you have dry skin this will give you the boost you have been looking for! This would also be the perfect cream to apply after a day in the sun as it soothes and cools the skin. Because of the oil-in-water formula I find this blends in really easily without leaving any trace of cream even if I haven’t totally blended it in. While I love the smell of coconut this is a little on the strong side, even for me, so if you aren’t a huge coconut fan I don’t know if you will enjoy this as much as the Bum Bum cream.
If I had to pick a favourite I would have to go with the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream purely for the scent. But if they took the formula of the Coco Cabana Cream and added the scent of Brazilian Bum Bum I think they would definitely be onto a winner!
The Sol De Janeiro range is Cruelty Free, Vegan (with the exception of their Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter) and is available in store and online from Mecca with both creams coming in 75ml ($29AUD) and 240ml ($60AUD) tubs.

Have you tried anything from the So De Janeiro range? Let me know below!
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