The Original Make Up Eraser

I got a few samples of The Originial Make Up Eraser and I love them. The actual packaging, not the sample packaging, is nice because they are all different colors, the packaging matches the color of the cloth. They have pink, black, neon green, purple, plum, white, red, blue, coral, and turquoise. My samples are pink but I ordered the black, just waiting to get it, excited.

I love that I can re-use them over and over again instead of throwing the make up remover wipes in the trash, this means less waste. 1 make up eraser is equal to 3600 make up wipes. They're also machine washable and lasts 3 to 5 years. It's recommended to wash them 1 to 2 times a week.

They're the #1 sustainable make up remover in the world. All you do is add water and wipe your make up off. It can remove mascara, eyeliner, blush, foundation, lipstick, and so much more, even waterproof make up. It's a premium, patented, polyester cloth made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that work together to create a "suction" for all the dirt, make up and oil in your pores. It's double-sided to erase make up with the short fibers and exfoliate with the long fibers. I used mine with warm water because it worked better than with cold. I can't believe that they work so well and all you're adding is water. They're very gentle on your skin.

They're ultra soft and dermatologist approved. They contain no chemicals, alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, or sulfates and can be used on sensitive skin. They're also cruelty free.

Ingredients: 100% Polyester

Each full size Make Up Eraser costs $20 and are 15.5 inches x 7.25 inches. Mine is just a sample so it looks different than the full size. They also offer a few other products/kits.

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