Look katie cheeky lip pod
Look cheeky lip pod

The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Lip Pod πŸ‘„

Hi Guys!!! ❀️,

Today I am here to put you guys on an AMAZING product! I was lucky enough to receive the The Organic Skin Co. tester bag and I wanted to share with you guys my most absolute favorite product from the bag. I got the Cheeky Lip Pod in the shade "Spice". For me, it's the perfect nude shade, when I put it on I was just blown away by the color. I thought it was absolutely beautiful! Even better...this is a very versatile product! You can use it on your cheeks as well as your lips, but I prefer to just use it on my lips. You could even use it on the eyes if you wanted too! These pods are sooooo pigmented! They apply very nicely and last ALL day long, which is a major plus for me. Like, this did not come off my lips at all, until I finally removed it. And, this product feels so comfortable on your lips, it's not drying, and it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all!! 

application: I did try applying this once with a Luxie lip brush and then again, with just my fingers. Both were fine, but I feel like I preferred my finger over the brush for applying this product! 

My thoughts on the brand: I absolutely love that ALL the products in The Organic Skin Co. line are NATURAL! I love that when I wear their products I don't have to worry about putting bad things on my face! And, when you buy one of their products they plant a tree🌳! How amazing is that?! It is so nice and refreshing to actually see a brand that cares about the ingredients going into your makeup/skincare and also cares about the environment. 

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