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The ONLY Natural Hair Product You Need This Summer

I'm Aja Dang and this is how I get to 5 days without washing my hair. • In order to have strong, healthy hair, you have to stop washing your hair and use products like dry shampoo to keep it looking fresh. • While I do have Asian hair, these products will work on all types of hair. Hope you like this in-depth, hair care routine. • • • PRODUCTS MENTIONED • • • • OLAPLEX: No 3: at-home bond building treatment for hair that builds strength and fix damage • KEVIN MURPHY: Young Again Hair Oil: a leave-in treatment oil that helps protect and shine • ORIBE: Mystify Restyling Spray: rejuvenates the previously used products • ORIBE: Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax: adds weightless texture • HOT TOOLS: Curling Iron 1 1/4 in barrel: • • • •SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL on YOUTUBE• •STAY CONNECTED• Visit the Original Content:


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