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The Most Light-Weight Concealer I Ever Used

Welcome back to my Blog Loves. L’Oréal Makeup recently came out with THE LOREAL TRUE MATCH CONCEALER to match their L’Oréal True Match Foundation range which is my favourite drugstore foundation of all time. I decided to pick up the concealer to see if I’ll love it as much as I love the foundation.
In today’s blog post, I’ll be reviewing THE LOREAL TRUE MATCH CONCEALER.
CLAIMS: True Match #TheOne to conceal, brighten and correct overtime.
Discover #TheOne that can do it all.
New True Match The One Concealer to correct skin tone, conceal imperfections and hide signs of fatigue. Enriched with caffeine to instantly brighten the eye area and fight dark circles over time. Lightweight medium to high buildable coverage for a custom finish.
- Instant coverage and smoothing
- Corrects skin tone and undertone
- Precision applicator
- Enriched with Caffeine to reduce the appearance of dark circles overtime

- To cover dark circles: draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the tip towards your cheek; blend the concealer to instantly cover dark circles and brighten cheek area.🐼
- To highlight and contour: use two concealer shades: one two shades darker the skin tone and one two shades lighter. To contour apply the dark shade under cheekbones, to forehead and chin to create definition. To highlight apply to the areas of the face that naturally catch the light. 
- To finish brows: apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than the skin tone above and below eyebrows and blend.
- 🎁Packaging: It comes in a transparent plastic tube with silver cap. The cap has applicator wand attached to it. The applicator is flexible on the end and soft.
- 🎨Colour: They have 14 shades and 5-6 shades for WOC. I chose the colour 7C/R (Rose Amber). It is a shade or 2 lighter than my skin tone. It has red undertone. I chose this colour because I wanted an everyday concealer that wouldn’t do too much highlighting and at the same time cover my eye bags.
- Coverage: it has light to medium coverage, more on the light side though. I would have loved for the coverage to be more on the medium side.
- 💧Consistency: It has a liquid-y consistency, not runny though. I love the consistency. It blends so well. No patchiness or dryness or build up. It doesn’t crease at all or settle in my pores or lines
- 👃Scent: It has a minty, kind of chemically scent. I’m not a fan of the scent at all. It bothers me so much. It doesn’t linger though
🌿It feels tingly, sort of minty under my eyes. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It feels like it has menthol in it. It also doesn’t last much.
- I use it to conceal and highlight under my eyes, forehead, chin and down the bridge of my nose.
- It feels light weight, it’s the most light-weight concealer I ever used
- It blends like a dream, no patchiness
- It doesn’t crease at all or settle in my pores or lines
- It doesn’t emphasize my texture
- The shade I chose is the perfect concealing shade for me with a hint highlight.
- It has light to medium coverage, I would have loved if the coverage is more on the medium side
- I hate the minty scent and feeling
- It’s a bit expensive for a drugstore concealer.
VERDICT: I give it a 4/5; although I’m not a fan of the uncomfortable minty feeling and scent. It’s the perfect everyday concealer for me and has become my holy grail undereye concealer.
I’ll definitely repurchase it.
Original Content: http://www.kennyolapade.com/2017/10/02/new-loreal-true-match-concealer-review/

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