The Summer Look You’re Seeing Everywhere - Using Organic Makeup!

Hey PrismPop! 
In today's video, I'm using products from The Organic Skin Co. to create a makeup look you're seeing everywhere right now! 
I was able to test these products thanks to the PrismPop & TOSC opportunity! Let me know if you're getting a bag down in the comments ☺️
I started out by prepping my skin with TASK FORCE NINE, the Calendula and Tumeric cream that my skin just loved!
Then I went with my Cheeky Lips Blush & Lip Pod in Spice, a beautiful mauve that I applied to my cheeks and as a lip gloss - extra bonus!
I gave myself a winged look with eyeliner and then it was on to The Eyes Have It cream shadow in Greenstone 💚
I've been seeing this technique all over the internet - it's definitely going to be everywhere this summer!
The way you do it is to simply apply the shadow to the lower lash line and smudge it out into the wing.
It creates a very fun and colorful look! Let me know if you'd wear something like this 🦅
After applying the fun summer eyeshadow look, it's on to the lips.
I love how these lipsticks are so dynamic.
Summer Sands is a light pink and gave me a very cute but sophisticated everyday natural look.
But to kick it up a notch, I went ahead and applied Galaxy, the deeper berry red, for a knockout look perfect for nighttime or whenever you feel like it!
Did you like these looks? What would you create with the TOSC makeup items? Let me know down below ☺️
Thanks for watching and don't forget to follow me here on PrismPop!! 💕

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