The Holy Grail Of Setting Sprays

.  I have to say that this setting spray is the best I’ve ever tried !! It has hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, and coconut water in it.  My skin feels so hydrated and it smells so luscious !!! This setting spray is formulated to keep your looking beautiful for up to 16 hours!! I love products that multi-task lol 😂. It hydrates, soothes your skin, gives amazing aromatherapy, and sets your makeup controlling oil and shine 

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  • Ann Thomas

    I think i am gonna give it a try! I am in search for a setting spray!

  • Hibah

    I got this as a free sample from BzzAgent. It is so hydrating! My makeup is staying on for much longer than before! It is so cute and I love that it has natural products! Thanks for the review.