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The Golden Ticket with Melanie Mills Hollywood

Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Sexy Samples

I had fun sampling these face/body creams. There are six different tones. Although these pods look little they are filled with a lot of golden creams. You will get a lot of use out of all of these pods. Each pod is very pigmented and very gold. Perfect for a golden sunset look with some pick and purples. I did a few different styles with each pod. 

Deep Gold is the darkest gold. I used it as a bronzer that looked very good. I also used it on my eyelid. 
Bronze Gold is a little lighter and more bronze than Deep Gold. I also used it as a bronzer hint the name. Mixed very well with my skin tone.
Rose Gold is one of my favorites. It's a lighter gold with a pink tint. I used this on my cheeks and lids as well. Went on very smooth and very blendable.
Peach Deluxe is a great color for your eyelid for a sunset look. 
Disco Gold is another favorite of mine. Looks great on the eyelid to enhance any color. 
Opalescence is my new favorite highlighter. I used this on my cheeks, nose and forehead to highlight my face. The most blendable color for any skin tone.

I was very impressed with these little pods. Very blendable and goes on smooth. Not clumpy or cakey. My favorite colors for my skin tone is Disco Gold, Rose Gold and Opalescence. Try them out you will be impressed.

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