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The eye-look's incomplete without a good brow! 👀PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a mini Kat Von D Lock-it setting powder worth 20,500 coins!
Comment on these PrismPop posts with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
🧐 What kind of brow do you go for and how do you achieve it? How do you adjust your brow to your eye makeup look?
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➡️ My Eyebrow Routine 😱 by Montse
➡️ Dusky Pink (Eye AND Cheek) Glow with Illamasqua Unveiled Artistry Pale by Malvika

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  • michele

    If you generally ignore your brows....be sure to go slow or start looking at brow shapes that are on people with similar facial shapes. Utilize brow shapers that are a little Fuller. This should help you from over tweezing. If you have over tweezed be patient, fill in with a brow pencil but they will grow back. Good luck everyone

  • Debbie Ricards

    I like a soft natural brow. Nothing too bold. I have been wanting to try the temporary micro blading products. I think they would be great to work with and get the effect I want.

  • Kelly K

    Love the before and after. Your brows look much more define and take (If that makes sense lol). Can we talk about your lashes though? What do you use because your lashes are gorgeous and I'm so jealous!!!

  • Stephanie Dias

    I don’t do my eyebrows. Too scared to try.

  • Jen

    I must admit, I've never been good with eyebrows. I've had such bad luck with getting waxed and threaded. I just try to let them be now as much as possible and just tweeze the hairs that obviously shouldn't be there. I'm afraid to overdue anything because I've seen too many people go overboard with their eyebrows and it makes their face just look bad.


    i just use my eyebrow pencil for a fuller brow not to much then i take lighter shade to blend into it

  • Misty drollette

    Love it. I could never do this eyebrow look. I've always had smaller brows. Which I pencil in lightly and shape wuth the pencil first. Then I take brown eyeshadow and I lightly shade it over. Then I use a light nudish color shadow right under my arch to highlight the arch a bit.

  • Laura

    I wish I could figure out how to do my brows. They are naturally very thin and blond and I have natural baby blonde hair. Every time I tried to use pencil it looks horrible because it does not match my hair color or looks Orange ish

  • Archanaa Krisna

    When in doubt, I always go for a natural brow look. I tweeze any excess hair, adjust the ends and use a very natural brow powder to intensify the brows. I think a natural brow can make any look look effortless and organic. Depending on the occasion or the look I am going for, I like to adjust the intensity or 'fleekness' of my brows - sometimes more natural and sometimes more intense.

  • michele

    never use a mirror while looking down, always have your mirror straight on when tweezing. if not, you will over tweeze. almost like hollowin out from underneath making them too thin and uneven.

  • Kim Careau

    The best beauty tip I ever got was from my mother in law a few years ago, "Your eyebrows are not twins. Don't treat them like they are." And she was 100% correct! Now, I let my brows individual "curves" determine the shape and don't force them to be like anyone else's. I don't use an eyebrow pencil either. Using a eyeliner that matches my brows gives a very natural appearance and an eyebrow brush gives more control. Unless you want to have eyesbrows like Elizabeth Taylor, this is a good option. As Coco Chanel said, "In order to be indispensable you have to be different;" this is true of our eyebrows as well as our own selves. Thanks for reading!

  • Melinda Michaels

    I Like Semi Natural Brows , Not Thick & Dramatic Brows I Mainly Use A Brow Mascara

  • Kate D.

    I've never been very good at keeping up with my brow grooming. Years ago, I used to get my eyebrows waxed all the time. That was when the thinner eyebrows were still in style. Nowadays, everyone seems to have huge caterpillar eyebrows. I am not a fan of the big, bushy brow look at all! It certainly isn't me, and you won't catch me with large brows! I like to keep them pretty natural in size and just groom them a little bit around the edges.

  • Mariangel Carmona

    I use different products depending on what I want to achieve, from powder to pencil, even eyeshadow, yes, eyeshadows. Sometimes they work better than brow products.

  • natosha miller

    I like to go for a fuller, thicker eyebrow, a bit like natural style. I feel it works for my face, as I have a very long face and not so small or round. So to even things up, I like them thick and follow the eye by curving like a simple round brow. Therefore, a natural round and thick brow is what I normally go with. Additionally, I normally keep my brow the same and don't really adjust the brow to fit my makeup. Instead, I adjust my eyeshadow and other eye makeup to fit my lashes or style. Especially, with a natural, no-makeup look, I like my natural lashes to be full and thick.

  • Nancy Alexander

    I have sparse brows and what I do is prime my brows then whisp color it in and then sprayvutvwith setting spray otherwise I'm looking like smegal from lord of the rings .

  • jackie

    I keep it simple with just an eyeliner pencil, I have no brows to speak of

  • Zoey

    Sooo excited to win my first giveawayyy! Good luck to everyone for this one!💕

  • Sindra ~

    I have never really tried to do my eye brows it's one thing I don't mess w.to me I just like the natural look of the eye brow. As for doing them up.i can't say if I would try it or not.it all depends on my no d of the day on how I do my eyes if I do or don't lol just me and my opinion.i love the way others look w there eye brows done but it's not for me.every one is an individual and has different needs so for that it's not really one of my best suits..but hay enjoy why not..

  • Anniikan

    I alwats end up with a high arched brows, no complaints though 👌🏻 I always start out with a solid out line, and fill in as needed. 😄 The outter points of my eye brows typically blend inward towards my nose, almost looks ombre from dark to light. 😍

  • Wendy Keeney

    I usually just ho natural unless i am going out to wear makeup. Then i only use a brow powder from bebefit. I like makeup but i have very little since i do not buy until i sample abd try it. I did not wear mske up fir yesrs before i had surgery snd list 150 pounds ss i hated how i looked and felt. I still don't but am needing a new look , but lije i stated above not wasting what little money i have.

  • Tessa Gjovik

    My eyebrows grow different direction. No matter WHAT i do, one is always "off" meh!

  • Ana

    My eyebrows and I are not getting along at the moment 🥺

  • Kelly K

    I can honestly say that I have never tried a setting powder. I would love to win this, try it out, and give a review. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Madhu B

    I love round shaped eyebrows!