The Drugstore Mascara I’ll Use Till the Day I Die 😤

Lashes. Brows. and Concealer. These are three makeup steps I CANNOT live without. 
Mascara is a tool that not only gives me amazing definition to my eyes, it gives me a huge amount of confidence. It takes only two minutes of my day, but it makes all the difference.
In this video, I’ll be reviewing and demo-ing the L’Oreal Telescopic Original Mascara. After 5 years of using this mascara, I can CONFIDENTLY formulate a comprehensive and bulletproof review. 👍
🤑 Depending on where you go, this mascara ranges from $9-$11 USD 
💯This is my HOLY GRAIL product. I’ve tried other drugstore and high end mascaras, but nothing beats this mascara! There is no other product (yet) that I feel this way about! For real! 
⭐The formulation allows my lashes to get incredible length and body. Someone asked me if my lashes were real/If I used a lash serum when I wore this mascara. 😍 It also holds its shape super well once I curl it!
✅To apply: I wiggle it into the base of my lashes first. Then I follow through to the tip of my lashes. This will help create a natural tapered shape so that your lashes won’t look uneven. 
✅I then keep building up with long strokes until my desired length and shape is fulfilled. 
✅When I’m in the mood, I’ll apply it to my lower lashes with short strokes 
This mascara allows my lashes to become BOLD and BEAUTIFUL, so I can slay whatever eyeshadow and liner combo I please. All while saving my valuable coin.
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