The Brow Hack Everyone Should Know!

Hey everyone! 
In this video, I’m showing you one of my FAVORITE proven-beauty-hacks! I do this on myself and on all of my makeup clients to create beautiful, nicely-shaped eyebrows. 
To try this hack, all you need is concealer and a concealer brush! I like to use full-coverage cream or liquid concealer that will glide nicely on skin and that will also cover brow hairs. 
Hack Directions: After filling in your brows with whatever you use (pencil, powder, pomade, gel, etc.), you will outline your eyebrows with concealer using a concealer brush. 
In this video I’m using Morphe’s Fluidity Full Coverage Concealer in C2.25 which is super smooth, liquidy, and it includes an applicator! I dab concealer from the applicator onto a Beau Gachi’s concealer brush which is perfect for applying with precision since the bristles are flat and compact. 
After outlining your brows with concealer, blend the excess concealer and color into your skin or foundation and voila! You have nice, clean, shaped brows! 
If you enjoyed this hack, then let me know by dropping a line below! Hit the ‘I WANNA TRY’ button if you want to try this hack and be sure to FOLLOW ME for more posts like this! Thank you!

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