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The Best of Innisfree Makeup & Skincare

Hey musers!! Welcome to my first episode of my new series, 'K-Beauty Reviews with meejmuse'. I've been working on this for a while and am super excited to launch it! My previous series - Try It Tuesday - was so fun and always highly requested, so I wanted to bring it back in a way that is more flexible to what you guys really need, rather than being strapped to deciding between two products. I know you guys need more information on our beloved Korean makeup and beauty products, with safe and trusted links to online shopping malls and clear demos, swatches and thoughts. This will be a monthly series but may be more regular (fortnightly) if I can keep up with the editing demands and if you guys want it hehehe. Today I've decided to share with you guys my current best picks from Innisfree, from skincare to makeup, in hopes that it might come in handy next time you're doing some shopping and don't know what to get. What other Korean products, brands or category of products do you want me to honestly review in Episode 2? It doesn't have to be a one-brand concept! Let me know in the comments below! Please thumbs up if you are liking my new intro, format or to show your appreciation at least for all the hard work grumpy oppa had to go through (lots of Ikea trips, hahaha, oh and also helping me to film, sacrificing many potential Starcraft nights lol) Don't forget to subscribe for more videos! :) Stay beautiful inside and out! God bless you! xoxo Love always, Jen

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