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The best leave in conditioner.... IGK MISTRESS hydrating hair balm

So I am letting everyone know about my favorite new leave in conditioner,  the IGK MISTRESS  HYDRATING BALM .

I received this conditioner in a subscription box and almost gave it away . Boy am I glad I didnt . I decided that i would give it a try on night after showering and washing my hair . So i squeezed a quarter sized amount in my hand smeared it around , flipped my hair and rubbed it through with my fingers.  

First thing i noticed is the beautiful fresh scent ,,, it smells amazing but not overpowering.  

The packaging is also cute so it looks nice setting on your dresser or make up stand , where ever you  may store it.

It makes your hair so soft and smooth . I also like that it's a balm like conditioner so it's a little thicker than a regular conditioner  so a little goes a long way ....  

It's suggested best used on damp tow dryed hair , the blow dryer.  I personally let my hair air dry .. and I've also used it later in the day on dry hair to tame some unruly hair and frizz. 

This is the first IGK HAIR product I've ever tried and I love it I will definitely be trying more of there products. 

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  • Melissa Griffith

    Sounds really impressive. I have been rotating between Oribe's, and LivingProof's leave in conditioner. I love the Oribe one a better, my wallet doesn't like it though. lol The Oribe leave in conditioner makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. It truly did save my hair from all the abuse I have subjected it to. From dyes jobs, to blow dryer and heating tools, Oribe's leave in brought my hair back from the dead. I would like to try the IGK and see if I can get similar results at a better price.

  • Tiffany

    I dont know what happened to the picture of the front of the packaging its missing above .