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 The Beauty Budget Concealer Of Champions: L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer

At $5, L.A. Girl HD PRO Conceal seems like the beauty budget concealer of champions especially considering it has made its way around the Blogsphere with cries of delight about how fab the formula is.
With 21 shades to choose from and even a round of three corrector shades this little tube of concealer promises opaque, creamy coverage with a crease-free wear that concealers darkness and skin imperfections.
After reading and watching many reviews on this little concealer I thought it was finally about time I tried it myself.
L.A. Girl HD PRO Conceal comes in a 0.28 oz squeeze tube with an attached brush applicator for application. Personally I could do without the brush applicator! Just a squeeze tube is good with me as I don’t really like this style applicator as it is messy and I end up never using the brush to apply anyway.
Sorry I sound like a broken record in my reviews but I always like to explain my own personal issues when reviewing a product. I have drier eyes but not bad dark circles, puffiness, and finer lines. My eyes tend to look tired due to puffiness and dryness so I look for a pigmented brightening concealer formula that’s hydrating.
This formula is very thick, creamy, and dare I say kinda chunky in consistency. It kinda comes out of the tube in a goopey paint-like mess! Thankfully it applies very well and blends out easily enough. It’s quite a pigmented formula but it tends to sheer out considerably once blended. Most reviews states that it wears quite long and it does but it doesn’t do so without creasing under my eyes. It’s also a semi-matte formula so although at first application it isn’t dry it does set to a drier finish that kinda cakes up and accentuates my finer lines.
I got three shades but all three were completely wrong. One was too dark (Pure Beige) and the other two had stronger peachy yellow undertones (Natural and Creamy Beige). As I said these shades were pigmented but they did sheer out a little during the blending process. I mixed two shades to create a more wearable color for myself but sadly I didn’t feel like the concealer looked very natural under my eyes and it didn’t really brighten the area up as the undertone was too busy trying to neutralize darkness I don’t have.
I’m sad to say it but the formula just looks and feels cheap once applied. Kinda like something I purchased at the dollar store! This isn’t to say all the raving reviews are false, it’s just that the formula didn’t quite work well for my specific needs and skin type.
I can’t help but think a better purchase would be Hard Candy Glamoflauge which is $2 more but a far superior product!
Have you tried L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal?
What were your results like? Do share them!
Original content: https://www.musingsofamuse.com/2016/01/l-a-girl-hd-pro-conceal-review-swatches.html

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