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Testser Bag Of Masks

I received 5 masks from PrismPop in my testers bag. I found them all to be effective and do exactly what they claim. They stayed on and were easy to apply and were gentle on the skin. There were no strong smells and each mask was soaked with serum with enough product left over to put on neck back of hands etc. * Potato mask meant for soothing did just that. I used after exfoliating and it greatly reduced redness and irritation. * Bamboo Mask is meant to moisturize and it really did plump and hydrate my skin. It was probably my favorite and the one I found most effective. I have really dry skin so anything to combat that is something that I plan to purchase and keep in my skincare arsenal. *Calendula mask is also meant for soothing and Calendula has been a recent ingredient used by many skincare brands. I understand now why. It is very soothing and removes redness like a magic eraser for your face. This mask is another I plan to purchase and keep in stock to have for future skin irritation. *Olive Mask is meant to moisturize and I found it to be effective in that regard but not as effective as the Bamboo mask. It did hydrate and plump skin just not to the same degree as the Bamboo. * Red Ginseng mask is meant to firm and did leave me with a lifting effect almost like a mini face lift. I was really surprised by this and this one is another I will buy to keep on hand for special events. Overall these mask do what they claim, are gentle, and affordable. I will be purchase these and buying some others out made from this brand since I know they work. Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable face mask that actually works

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