Testing Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Gloss To Achieve Fuller Lips

But since injectables at a plastic surgeons office are a huge and pricey commitment, I figured I’d start trying out one of the most popular and talked about lip plumping products on the market –

🤑The Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme, $28. Recently my mom got me this product as an early Mother’s Day gift (thanks mom!) after hearing me bellyache about my barely there lips.  I’ve read mostly glowing reviews on this stuff and told her I was wanting to try it.
This stuff sounded like a miracle worker if you read about it online,  so of course I couldn’t open it fast enough to try it out.
Here is how I found that it tastes, feels, looks, and most importantly if it works!

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Taste :  Super tart, spicy and berry-like. Unlike most plumpers, there is no cinnamon taste to it.

How it feels :  A thin wash of gloss at first, then after less than a minute, the faintest sting sets in.  Lasts for maybe a couple of minutes then subsides.  Does make my lips feel hydrated along the way.

Application :  This is a sponge wand applicator which I like.  The formula is a clear gloss with a hint or irridescence to it.

How it looked :  On my very first use, there was a very noticeable difference – I felt it was a really lovely swollen look!!  My lips turned a bright blush pink which was great compared to my very pale normal lips!!  Then over time as I would use and the stinging would subside, and that huge immediate difference also subsided.  Lately with repeated use, it feels like I just have glossy lips with a hint more color.  I don’t know if it’s mental now or not, but I don’t see such a difference like I did the first time.  It accentuates my lips, but I don’t think it makes them remarkably fuller by any means.

review too faced lip injection extreme beauty blogger JennySue Makeup

Overall Thoughts.

👍👎Overall, Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme isn’t THAT extreme as I had hoped it would be. I might have had my expectations set too high in seeing obviously gigantic fuller lips.  It says that if applied daily and nightly that it will dramatically hydrate, nourish and increase lip volume, so I’ll def keep trying since I already own it.  I’ve been using daily for a week now and my lips are definitely still as thin as they were a week ago. 

In terms of the percentages that the box touts : 

93% said lips look fuller and more plump – on a scale of 1 -10, 10 being noticeably plump and 1 being no change, I’d give it a 5.

97% said delivers instant results – yes, within a minute you can feel the burn and the natural color of your lips change, fullness is a different story.

97% said lips feel moisturized – yes, agreed. but that’s not why I wanted to buy it!! I wanted Angeline Jolie sized lips!

⭐I would say this is a good starting point to trying out a lip plumper if you’re slightly sensitive to these types of products.  It’s not going to give you the look that real injectables would by any means, but it’s a start if you’re scared of needles I guess.

If you’re looking for a cheaper lip plumping product that does about the same thing but with multiple color options, give Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump gloss from Soap & Glory, $14 a try.

Have you tried this Too Faced product?  What did you think?  Do you have any miracle lip plumper products that you’ve tried that you can share with us? 

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  • Sharron Janette Neace

    Great review..luckily i only bought the tester my lips are not thin however i wish my top lip was more prominent..ido love the smell and tingle is nice..but i really didnt notice any difference when i used it..and ive checked out several options online..i think ill just be happy with what i

  • Dawn Leopold

    Thank you for your review. I really tried to like this lip plumper but it burned my lips so bad every time I put it on I could not stand it. Now the the regular Lip Injection I did not have that reaction I just had a slight tingling but the Lip Injection Extreme felt like my lips were being burned off. I don't know what the differences are in the ingredients but I definitely can not use the Extreme version. To me after a while it seemed as if it was only a lip gloss not much plumping going on. I need to try some of the other brands I just hope I don't have that burning issue again because that was scary.

  • Monique Roybal

    Thanks for the review. I think lip plumper is one of the few makeup products I dont have and am very interested in how it works. I also read that Too Faced was a guaranteed lip plumper but if it stopped working for u after a few uses, i definitely am not going to spend $28 to even take the CHANCE it won’t work for me either. I plan on researching the other plumper u recommended. You just saved me $28! Thank you.

  • Sindra ~

    Very glad review so we'll detailed..I have e.l.f. lip tried it a couple times and I didn't see much change but it did make your lips very dry almost dehydrating dry.mbut oh well can't expect every thing you purchase to work may have been due to useing chap stick instead of lip stick maybe I used it wrong..oh well there's always plenty of time to try it again..first is luck 2nd is a charm..keep up the amazing video reviews they are awesome. Thank you for such a wonderful review....

  • Pauline

    I looked it over pretty good on you. I did not see to much plumping of your lips. Great glossy color. Thanks for offering this great number of pic's.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Beautiful results. Great review also. Really would love to try this product.

  • Anna hudson

    I've always wanted to try a manual lipplumper,but there quite pricy?

  • Cassandra Bell

    I found revlon lip plumping serum (in cashmere creme) for 3$ on and my fave lip plumper is hard candy (color pink Cadillac) for $6 right now!

  • Anna hudson

    Thanks for the great honest review,this helps a lot

  • Ashley Hunt

    I love my Too Faced Lip Injection. It doesn't plump my lips every single use but does give more color.


    It almost sounds like one may become immune to this product.. And only have partial results over time...

  • Rosa Hall

    This is one of my favorite products, but I did find that I had to use it sparingly or else the effects of it did seem to start dying down slowly but surely

  • Rosa Hall

    This is one of my favorite products, but

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