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Testing The Green Clean Cleansing Balm From Farmacy!

I am so happy that the Green Clean Cleansing Balm from Farmacy is the first product I've received from PrismPop to review!

I have wanted to try this for a while and I was not disappointed!

🌿The product packaging is simple but not cheap. It comes in a small box with the container and a cute little spatula so you don't risk contamination from your fingers. When you open the lid there is a little cover that you remove using a built in tab.

🌿The balm is a dull minty green color and has a very slight herbal scent. At first the texture similar to a lip balm only a bit softer and more creamy. Once it warms up from your skin, it starts to melt and immediately starts breaking down your makeup.

💄I had swatched some matte liquid lipsticks on my hand while trying a pick a shade so I figured I could to an extra test with them. I only applied the product once, rubbed it around a bit and then rinsed. It did not take every inch off but was very effective on a matte liquid lipstick.

When I did my face, I decided to do my eyes and lips last so I applied a little more than I did on my hand and started working it in. I somehow made myself look like a caveman as you can see in the pictures! Lol

👀I used the product that was already on my face and started to gently wipe my eyes. One of the best things about this balm is it doesn't sting my eyes at all!!!

I rinsed my hands off, scooped a tiny bit more out and worked on my lips and giving my eyes one more pass. Then I rinsed my face off. My skin felt very clean, soft and hydrated which I am so happy about because some cleansers make my skin feel dry and tight.

I am so happy to have this cleanser and the opportunity from PrismPop! I really like this balm and would definitely recommend it!

Thank you so much for checking out my review and I hope you enjoyed the photos I created while teaching myself photo editing!

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  • Pauline

    Nice photo's shots in this posted review for Green Clean Cleansing Balm. Havn't tried this meltaway cleanser yet. Looks unique.

  • Bonita kasee

    Nice editing!! Looks like great cleanser!! I ise makeup eraser, but always dbl cleanse, always use a second cleanser that dont dry my skin out, could use a really good cleanser, this one looks like it would definitely benefit me, definitely will give it a try

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