Tester bag from prismpop

Wow I can honestly say I am impressed with the quality of the products in this bag!! First of  you get 8 products to test out and almost all have more than a couple of uses out of them, all except for the face mask- by real nature haven't tried yet but can't wait it's a lemon citron! I bet it smells wonderful!! Then feather and bone face gem- I've heard it smells wonderful! Now for the ones I have tried rice cleansing sorbet it is by BROY3 smells so nice and melts your makeup right off your face!! Absolutely incredible!                  Next off is Bitter green essence toner- this to smells so nice fresh and clean love it!                        Next you have two serums one is a bell pepper serum its fast absorbing intensely hydrating and definitely will make your skin glow. The second serum is the tomato serum and out of the two this is my favorite! It is also hydrating but I believe it makes my skin glow and seem brighter!                  Next up is the salmon cream it is very smooth velvety texture and wait till you apply to you face and neck! Glides right over once on you will notice a cooling effect feels amazing!!                                     Last but not least- a pinacoloda sugar scrub for your lips it smells so tropical you will be thinking about sitting on the beach enjoying the sand on your toes and sipping on a frozen colada yum!! We need something to remind of the warm weather when it's cold outside! Gently rub and wipe off and your lips will be oh so smooth@ thank you prismpop! Happy holidays to everyone!



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