Hello beautiful people ,                                              I'm back with another really cool review , This time were reviewing TELSE KOMBUCHA ESSENCE , I'm so excited about this one because instead of makeup that covers up the imperfections on your skin , I'm recomending  something that can cute and heal some of the inpurfections ! this stuff comes from Korea and in Korea instead of makeup they concentrate more on skincare , These guys are the best in the world ! Let's list all the ways this stuff can improve your skin and why you should add a toner to your routine .
# 1- It removes dirt and grime and cleans out your pores that can hold dirt over time , This we'll make your skin look Dull and tired .
# 2 - It makes your makeup appear 
much darker , Your eyeshadow and lipstick we'll look so much better 
3 - It opens up your pores so that the next thing you put on your skin well work souch stronger . 
4 - It's Mild and calming , This toner is so gentle it could be used on any senstive skin , It's great for acne prone skin , It can calm and heal it .
5 - It's Made from natural ingredients, Even the packaging is made from recycled goods ! its not only good for you but good for the enviroment as well .
6 - You can order this stuff from the comfort of your own home , Order online and not have to risk going to the store .
7 - It Brightens and reduces red skin with it's triple hyaluronic acids . 

That's how awesome this stuff really is for your skin , I love mine and use it daily in my skin routine. I've been lucky enough to try alot of skincare products from Korea and these guys hold the record for the best skincare in the world !! There affordable and thrive in offering products of the highest quality , These guys are so serious that even include a label on the bottle that you can write the date down of purchase . Remember friends ' When were born we have the skin that were born with but when we're older we have the skin that we've earned " Be smart friends and earn away ! This is Myshell signing out 

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  • Leylers

    Thank you for the before and after pictures - it really does show the improvement of your skin appearance. You are so right about older skin being what we've earned, it's true. It's the point hat your mistakes start to catch up, luckily, there are products that can help. Thank you for reviewing one that I'm now very interested in trying.