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Tatcha The Deep Cleanse Got Me Hooked!

Expanding on the decadent cleansing experiences they offer, TATCHA launched The Deep Cleanse recently, and if your skin hovers between normal to oily, consider this product a dream come true.
Packaged in an upright squeeze bottle, the Deep Cleanse is your daily cleansing and exfoliating solution and will remove makeup, sunscreen, city grime, and surface cell build-up. Suitable for use morning or evening, this TATCHA invention is a single step superhero.
Luxurious and gel-like, the balm-to-oil texture is achieved through a blend of coconut oil derivatives, Hydrolyzed Silk, and Hadasei-3, the brand’s proprietary mix of fermented Rice, Green Tea, and Algae. Infused with glow-boosting botanicals such as Japanese Rose and Tigerlily Root Extracts as well as ultra-soft particles of Luffa Fruit, it leaves the skin nourished, smooth, and perfectly cleansed. A subtle floral scent completes the spa-grade treatment.
Use wet fingertips to apply TATCHA’s Deep Cleanse to damp skin. You need only the smallest drop since it generates impressive lather. It’s amazing how well it emulsifies and melts away every trace of makeup and excess sebum. Concentrate on your most congested areas–your T-zone, for example–to help diminish pores and ensure balanced hydration. The exfoliating particles rinse off easily and won’t cling to your brows or hairline, which is a huge bonus.
In short: love the formula, don’t love the packaging. I’ll get creative and tilt the bottle up, down, and sideways to ensure I get every last drop–my skin is absolutely thrilled with this TATCHA newness. Those wanting to combine the oil cleansing method with the fresh feel of a foaming wash will find The Deep Cleanse incredibly satisfying.
$48 (5 oz) available at
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