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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea: High Tides & Good Vibes

The High Tides & Good Vibes palette features twelve different shades of which there are matte shades, shimmery shades and full-on glitter shades. While I have been more held back in buying make-up lately, I treated myself to this palette because I consider Tarte to be a some what sustainable beauty brand. Their products keep nature in mind and the brand itself has different initiatives in trying to better the environment. This particular palette was inspired by the sea and features cute little turtles and even a liquid sea in the lid!

🌊The packaging of this palette is already so special, besides the moving liquid in the lid, it features a nice full-size mirror. The insides are lined with gold and the entire feel of the High Tides & Good Vibes palette is just very luxurious. The pans come in a nice big size and the colours feel very coordinated.

⛱️The first four shades are: Buried Gold, Galapagos, Aloha, Beachesand Beach Therapy. Out of these four shades I really like Galapagos and Aloha, Beaches. They are very pigmented and nice shades and while I don’t mind either Beach Therapy or Buried Gold, these two just feel more special to me.

⛱️The next four shades are the actual glitter shades of the High Tides & Good Vibes palette: Turtlette, Champagne Beach, Aquaholic and Beach Daze. These four shades are incredibly pigmented (if that is still the right word, considering the consistency of these shades) but were hard to swatch because of their glittery nature. I absolutely love these shades even though I’m afraid I would not wear them a lot. Beach Daze and Champagne Beach stand out to me the most because of their pretty colours.

⛱️And finally: South Beach, Surf’s Up, Dive In and Deep Blue. These beautiful blue shades are even more gorgeous in real life. However, I personally am not out-going enough to wear these types a shades on a daily basis. I would even dare to say that they might clash with my hair and complexion. Nevertheless, they are absolutely stunning and so pigmented, especially the deeper blue shades.

🤑The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea: High Tides & Good Vibes retails at €42,- at Sephora. To me this is a very reasonable price for not only the amount of shades and product you get but also the time and effort that has been taken to develop this beautiful luxurious packaging.
👍Would I recommend this eyeshadow palette? Definitely! However, do make sure to check out whether you can actually work with the colours provided. Most shades are very pigmented and look lovely in the pan, but if you find yourself wondering whether you will actually use most of the shades, this might not be the palette for you.

I hope you liked this review and I am curious to know whether you have a favourite Tarte product or if you haven’t heard of the brand before.


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