Will this Bronzer work on my skin tone? Park Ave. Bronzer by Tarte

Hey PrismPop! Today I am trying the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess for the first time.
This product is supposed to give you a look of natural radiance.
🦎 It comes in adorable purple faux reptile packaging.
👩🏾‍🎨 Brush above cheek bones and along the bridge of the nose in a circular motion. 
🌟 This goes on easily and instantly gives the face a sunkissed glow.
🤔 VERDICT: I liked this product however I wouldn't purchase it for myself. I would recommend this bronzer and shade to someone with a lighter skin tone.
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  • Jennifer Henning

    I really like this. It looks like it gives off some shimmer which is gorgeous on you. Really nice. Thanks for making this video.

  • Jennifer Henning

    I love this and I tried to use the code and do what you said but it didn't work or take me to where it was suppose to i don't think. Thanks for sharing this though. Nice review. I'll try again and see if it works.

  • AngelaB2222

    I have this bronzer in a big Tarte palette. I always forget about it. It is a good bronzer. I'm always looking for a perfect bronzer. 💐

  • Lindsay Piggott

    i am still looking for a bronzer that i love . Maby this one it it . I wanna try

  • Carissa Longson

    It's always really hard for me to find a bronzer that isn't too warm on me. I try to find a more neutral contour shade that's matte.

  • haku izunami

    hmmm it doesnt look bad on you or anything but i can definitely see why its not meeting all your needs! I have spent a lot of time looking for a good bronzer that works for me not that most of them are horrible or anything its more I need a versatile bronzer that works well with my cosplay make up and in my normal everyday life without making me look like i put too much or not enough on. My current favorite however is the pacifica brand one i got in a ipsy bag in the shade of sunkissed! personal tip from me though to make it darker without going over the top add some darker eyeshadow, or you can always use it as a base for eye shadow.

  • Melissa Griffith

    I really enjoy Nars Laguana Bronzer it works well for my fair skin. It does give me a orange or red look which can be an issue for my skin tone.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I do not usually use bronzers but I will have to try some and like you said there are probably cheaper ones to try that are just as good so I will have to check some out.

  • Micheala

    Great review thanks

  • Adaria Johnson

    Awesome thanks for the info

  • Lisa

    This bronzer looks like it would be great with my skin tone. I would love to try it. Currently I'm using a NARS bronzer. It works well but I think I'm ready to try a new product. Your video was great...very informative. A light brush of bronzer makes me feel I've spent the day at a beach. It's just enough to put a glow in my face but not look made up! Thanks for sharing your experience with this product.

  • katherine wu

    This bronzer looks great on you! To find a perfect bronzer, or any skincare product, I always try to get a sample first. However, I have not found my perfect bronzer yet and am still looking for one!

  • Patricia

    This Tarte bronzer seems pretty good, I like their clay blushes a lot, this bronzer's packaging is gorg, thanks for the great demo, and review! To nail the right shade of bronzer can be very tricky, specially when you're pale, so far I like the natural glow that I get from Guerlain's Terracota Light Healthy Glow, very nice but pricey, one of the best mattes for me is Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer in Lite, very natural looking, and one of the best for fair skin, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Nude has no shimmer, but gives the skin an amazing glow, and one of the most natural shimmers imo is Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bali Sands, but the key to make a bronzer work for you is to analize pigmentation, color depth and undertones, then compare your undertones, and try to match the shade closest to your complexion when you actually get a tan, all of that to avoid that lovely muddy look, nothing beats looking like you have dirt on your face right?! 😆

  • Ashley Hunt

    When looking for a Bronzer I look for lighter tones that match me and aren't too dark. Also really don't like bronzers that look muddy on the skin. I prefer a matte bronze, but sometimes don't mind a bit of shimmer. Some I have used and liked are Tarte bronzers, Ofra Bronzers, and The Balm bronzers.

  • nicole bowers

    The right shade of bronzer can help your skin look healthy & enhance your natural face structure. It should blend with your entire body (not just your face) to give you a visually balanced look. To ensure you find the right intensity of bronzer is to place the back of your hand next to your face and see if face and hand look close enough in shade to appear like you have a natural tan. If your hands looks like it does not belong to your face, you're probably using the wrong shade of bronzer. Any makeup testing should be done in natural light.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I look for a bronzer that matches not only my skin tone but that goes nicely with my hair as well. I like the tannish kind with a pretty gold tint that brings out my natural skin tone. I have become quite fond of all blush by too faced, peachy is generous with a nice glow! Benefit's hula has a cute and curious finish that blends with the gold tones in my hair so I feel like I have an almost natural angel effect. Price is important but it pays off to spend that extra dollar on the most giving product!!!

  • Naf

    Yes, the packaging is super cute. In order to find a bronzer that fits me in color and finish, I try out a sample of it beforehand.

  • Hannah Marie

    This is so great!! ❤ I usually look for buildable coverage. Something that can have multiple uses. I love anything that brings warmth back to my face!

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great job, I would love to try this out especially since I like to keep things natural, but I do use my favorite bronzer is Guerlains Terracota in colour 20. I just started using a bronzer last year and am still pretty inexperienced. I got it because I don’t like to get a lot of tan during the summer and it seamed to give me the right shade and glow (to not look like an alien while everybody’s all bronzed). 👽🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Kaitlin white

    I always look for a bronzer that is buildable but doesn’t leave and orange or muddy look To my face. I switch between Milani and my park ave princess palette for contouring but when it comes to bronzer, I am so obsessed with butter bronzer from physicians formula. It is honestly the BEST bronzer I have ever used. I don’t hit pan on many products because I have SO much makeup and I’m always buying new things that my favorite influencers are using but the butter bronzer is just unrivaled in my book right now. It’s cost effective and easy to find. I have a very fair complexion and I can literally load my brush with it for 10 minutes and it still doesn’t give a muddy/Cakey or orange look to it. If any of you haven’t tried it, do it!!! I love the park ave princess contour palette but the bronzer I got just want flattering on my skin.

  • sally peabody

    Is this Bronzer shimmery ? I love tarte and use the Amazon Clay blush in feisty. Very good for the skin as well. Not sure why you used it as a highlighter/blush unless it has shimmer. I use a matte Bronzer by L.A. Colors in beach Babe. When used all over the face as I use it there is a specific way to apply. One sweep motions. No back and forth and no circular unless as you did are using it as a blush. Personally speaking a bronzer is a totally different product from other face makeup and serves it's own purpose. I do ,however, use it as an eye shadow and apply it as so and as a highlighter or a blush and that to me calls for a different brush and application technique. So as a highlighting blush this is an excellent review ! As a Bronzer you did not give it much of a chance.

  • Sabrina

    I'm at a loss for an easy bronzer that is in my price range. Unfortunately, I think this one is too pricey for me too but it was a good video to watch, even just to see your application technique. Always helpful for a newbie like me. Thank you. 😘

  • Amy

    I still to this day ... I have the original box still all my products are from benefit since I was a teenager and still going now in my 40’s lol 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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