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I LOVE YSL cosmetics so was very excited to start testing out the Top Secrets range of products.
The first item I’ve road tested is their 
Instant Moisture Glow (£36).
This best-selling blur perfecting moisturizer/primer is designed to keep your skin feeling nourished and hydrated to help keep you looking beautifully fresh for up to 72 hours. You all know how much I love a multi-purpose product!
🎁Packaging - How beautiful is the packaging. So simple and chic with the iconic black and gold packaging which is unmistakably YSL. 
Housed within a sleek black tube, the product is dispensed through a delicate nozzle at the end.
✅Application - A little goes a long way, both in terms of texture and its hydrating properties so don’t go overboard with application! The product itself possesses a soft, peachy-nude hue with an almost iridescent sheen.
🌹Scent & Texture- Smelling WONDERFUL (think luxurious freshness) the gel is feather light and almost watery in texture. It is absorbed almost instantly into your skin and you can immediately feel a difference to the texture of your skin.
⭐Effect - While I must admit that I didn’t notice any real ‘blurring’ to my flaws I can certainly say that my skin felt wonderfully soft and moisturized without feeling heavy or clogged and my complexion did indeed appear far more ‘glowy’ than it did prior to application.
⭐Under foundation - It worked well as a base for my foundation too- it didn’t mix with my foundation or cause any issues when applying it but it did do a great job of evening out my skin tone and ‘fixing’ any dry patches which would have otherwise looked pretty naff when I put my foundation on.
💯All in all, I’m impressed with moisturizer. I would say that if you suffer with dry skin you may find the need to apply it throughout the day to maintain your moisture levels (providing you’ve not got a face full of make up on, obvs) as it is very light in texture, but for me and my oily skin it worked a treat.
YSL Top Secrets Instant Moisture Boost is available now and costs £36.
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