Swatching Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette ❀️

How gorgeous is the Ruby Obsessions by Huda Beauty?? 😍😍😍
This palette contains 9 pressed pigment eyeshadow shades in both mattes and shimmers. ✨
These unnamed shades pack so much punch it was like they were made for the camera! πŸ“Έ
So here we go, let’s swatch the whole palette!
FIRST ROW from left to right
Ruby #1: a pale pink beige with a matte finish. 
This one barely shows up on my medium-light skin tone but I guess every palette needs a transition color!
Ruby #2: a rich red ruby with sparkling metallic finish. This color is so gorgeous and saturated, and to me feels like the star of this palette!
Ruby #3: a warm, bright copper in the same metallic sparkle finish. Like a neutral… if it were going to the club.
SECOND ROW from left to right
Ruby #4: a deep red with cool undertones in a matte finish. The darkest matte in the palette.
Ruby #5: a gorgeous medium plum purple that somehow steals the show from Ruby #2.
Ruby #6: a very sexy deeper plum with a uniquely bright black tone to it. This is a multidimensional shimmer even more so than the others.
THIRD ROW from left to right
Ruby #7: a warm and cheery bright red-orange in a pearl finish, which didn’t have the easiest finger swipe but the color payoff is still major.
Ruby #8: a pale and warm orange coral matte that helps to brighten the whole look of the palette.
Ruby #9: a more pink-red matte that feels like the middle ground matte of all the shades. Such a gorgeous light red!
You didn't think we'd end it there, did you? 😲
Nope, we gotta see how all these shades blend out with a brush! πŸ’•
I used the Eco Tools dual-ended brush; one smudgy end and one fluffy end.
Huda shades are kinda meant to be packed on, so that's what I attempted to do with the initial brush swatch.
You can see how they definitely appear less thick and opaque, naturally, because finger swatches are the most efficient way to get that high impact color payoff.
But nevertheless, they still look beautiful when brushed on!
The matte shades were generally tougher to get a smooth blend; Ruby #4 and #9 gave me the most difficulty but Ruby #7 and #8 both seemed to blend out easily - and I'm no pro!
My favorite would have to be Ruby #2 - she's just such a unique shade of pinky red! Super sparkly and bright yet opaque.
But Ruby #6 could be a close second favorite - just look at that dark sparkly color shift 🀀
In conclusion...
TBH the Ruby Obsessions Palette shades aren't really colors and finishes I'd be using in my everyday life - I'm more makeup-minimalist and maybe kinda afraid of getting glitter in my eyes...
But swatching them was a lot of fun! I recommend this format to anyone cooped up looking for something pretty to do πŸ₯°
Hope you learned something! #SwatchAndLearn 🎨
What palette would you wanna see swatched next??
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✨ WANNA MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO LIKE THIS?? Check out my How-To Film a Swatch Video HERE! βœ¨

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  • Katie

    This palette is sooo beautiful😩😍! After watching this video I immediately went to the Sephora app lol. Definitely made me want to buy. Those colors are soooo gorgeous!

  • Barbie Steele

    Beautiful colors!

  • Sabrina Ward

    Love the bold colors in this palette Would look awesome blended

  • Destinee

    Those swatches are amazing! I have this palette and now I am inspired to use it again!

  • Sam west


  • Marcella Goble

    Great swatching video. I would love to see more how to do a great nighttime skincare routine videos.

  • Kelly K

    Great video. It was nice to see the different swatches between using your finger and using a brush. Proves it makes a big difference. Also those colors are amazing. I honestly thought they were lip glosses at first but they are eyeshadows. You probably could use in your lips and checks too though. The possibilities are endless!!! Thanks again!

  • Patricia Alton

    This pallette is g-g-g-gorgeous! So gorgeous it made me stutter. Gotta have it. I'd wear them all, I ain't skeered...lbs! Gggrrrrreat! video! Awesome and amazing! I'm gonna get me one of these soon!

  • Kate D.

    Thank you for this in-depth and thoughtful review. I really like this palette and the other palettes in this line by Huda. The colors are a little extra, like you said in not so many words, but it can be nice for a night out on the town or to wear to a concert. It may even go nice on someone with darker skin.

  • Tracie Nguyen

    Never try any Huda beauty products. Will try in the future. Thank you

  • Juana

    Love this colors β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

  • Ldlove

    Love those colors!

  • Jenni

    Very vibrant colors

  • Laila

    Wow that's pigmented !

  • Kami Ritchie

    My brushes don't pick them up,!! I honestly use a little fixing spray on my lid before then I use my pinky finger and some tiny foam applicators from Walgreens. They're supposed to be single use but they are the best. They have a like pointy side and a regular like oven mitt side. They are hard to finish though. I empty them out in my glass candy dish that holds them and my regular cotton squares and my reusable/washable cotton rounds. When I get them I will post the name!! The washable cotton rounds blend the eyeshadow pretty good too. Without leaving fuzz in my lashes or on my dark eyeshadow... Lol. Sign me up for this because I love all the colors!!!! I'm so sick and tired of the browns, nudes blah blah. Exactly how many ways can a brown be done-think about it. I hope that phase is losing it's steam. I'm ready for color, color, and MORE COLORS!!!! ;)

  • Ashley Edgar

    These colors are gorgeous! The finger swatches had amazing pay off. The brush swatches however I was not as impressed with the pay off. I'm sure they are probably stunning in person. Definitely thinking of picking these up for myself.

  • Kristie Chambers

    OOoo I love the reds!

  • Sylvia Foster

    I love the shimmery glitter colors. Reds are not my thing but looks good on you! I like bright colors.

  • Joyce McDaniel

    This palette is beautiful. Loved the video of the swatches. I don't have any of Huda products but want to get them.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Dang! This was an awesome video and read. I haven't yet been able to try Huda eyeshadows but boy do I want to. While I agree with you, that this shade range isn't quite for me, it's still gorgeous.

  • Cheryl Drouin

    Love all of these colors!

  • Mima Pabon

    Beautiful color!

  • Missy Oakley

    I have this palette and love it. It is the perfect size for travel or to carry in your purse. Colors can be used year round but are especially nice Christmas season and Valentines. Plus Huda's eye shadows are usually some of the easiest to work with.

  • Donna Barnes

    Such beautiful intense colors.