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ColourPop's My Little Pony Palette Swatch and Look

Hellooo friends! 🥰
Back at it again with a swatching of ColourPop’s My Little Pony Palette 🤩
🌈 This palette has so many different colors to choose from! The first row has two shimmery colors that are perfect for summer and two light-toned neutral colors. The second row has more plum-ish colors, and the last row has more cool-toned, blue-ish colors. The variety of colors in this palette definitely makes it versatile! 😎
For the swatches, I swiped on each shade twice with my finger. Some of the shades like Bluebell and Butterscotch aren’t as pigmented on my skin tone, and when I applied some of the other shades, I was slightly disappointed in the lack of pigmentation 😮 I would say this palette would be useful if you’re looking for a bit of color, but not anything too extravagant. 
📦 The packaging is so cute and super fun! 🥳 It’s a nice refreshing look to add to my endless collection of neutral shaded palettes.
To be quite honest, I usually stick to neutral shades, so trying to create a look off of this palette definitely presented some creative challenges, but I’m pretty happy with the experimental look I created! 😊
❤️ My top 3 shades:
💵 For $12.80, I would say this palette is pretty worth it. It adds fun and cute colors to my collection, and the size is travel-friendly. I am a big fan of ColourPop, so I am not too surprised at how much I liked this palette 😍
Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this palette. Let me know if you’d like to try this palette and comment below what shades you’d use to create a look 👩🏻‍🎨

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  • Nicole

    So Cute 💖

  • Robin Bell

    Oh I want this just for nostalgia. My little pony color pop this is the cutest ever do they still sell this

  • Sherry Mashburn

    Colourpop never fails. They have the most amazing eyeshadows

  • Jennifer Wilson

    Is there anything ColourPop can’t do?!? Amazing 😊

  • Stephanie Whitman

    I am a super fan of colourpop! They come out with so many great launches and eyeshadow palettes and products! Every time I've tried anything from colourpop I've always liked it never been let down by this brand and this palette is no exception! You can't beat the quality the versatility the variety and the price of this brand and its products! Go colourpop!

  • Taylor

    I love the look you created! I have this palette and definitely need to play with it some more.

  • Regina

    This is sooo beautiful. My daughter would want it even before I could try it out.

  • Regina

    I Wanna try

  • Micheala

    i really love this

  • Marisa Jolicoeur

    This palette looks so fun!!

  • Missi Slaughter

    Those look so pretty!!!

  • Caroline Taylor

    I wanna try this

  • Haley

    I will definitely be tracking this down!🦄

  • Suzette

    That palette looks so cute 🥺

  • Pauline

    Since there are young teens out there more power for trying this kids palette. Nice starter kit. My Little Pony is cute.

  • Sam west

    I love how fun the palette is. I believe in makeup I wear it to look pretty and confident I want my packaging to look nice as well. This has a lot of shadea

  • Tia kitchens

    This is a beautiful palette and I would have to play around with it in order to see what kind of look I could create. I am normally a neutral shadow kind of girl but here lately I have used some color. This looks like it could make a beautiful sunset look.

  • Charley

    Omg this takes me me back. I loved my little ponies. Lol I live the pastel colors. Not too much sparkle but very pretty. You can make a lot of different color schemes. I would create a look with Applejack, skydancer, starshine, and snuzzle. I love your color combination. Very stylish and trendy.

  • Erin Bailey

    I love how you presented your application of the shadows in this palette. The outlined photos were very helpful. I like this palette, it's fun. I would probably only use about 3-5 of the shades, but for $12.80 I would definitely give it a try. I think I'd most likely try out Twilight blended around the outer edges of my lids, Twilight on the inner half of my lids; Skydancer or Princess Sparkle in the creases of my lids and just a brush or two of Snuzzle under each brow. I like dark shadows, liners, and mascaras.

  • Crystal Jones

    This palette is so amazing! I want to try all the colors and make so many looks. My daughters would love this as well.

  • Jacqueline Fisher-Wisor

    Sovannabanana Thank you for your experimental eyelook it's very playful but still sophisticated looking because you made the combination work, I'm not sure if I'd be able to just add certain colors as you did with such a beautiful outcome!! I do love these bright colors you've blended together achieving your look. I think I'd try a darker look using Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle and Princess Sparkle. I'd definitely try to add or replace Princess Sparkle with Skydancer, I love that color!! Thank you again you look incredible your review is exceptional!! 👍😊😊

  • Pam Jackson

    Thanks for the review. I LOVE this palette! The shades in this Colourpop Palette that I would love to use to create a look, would be: Princess Sparkle, Minty, SkyDancer and FireFly . With so many cute colors, it was difficult to choose just a few ❤

  • Amanda Alfreds

    I would use Twilight, Firefly & Snuzzle together for a smokey eye look. I love Colourpop and their pallettes are super pigmented, easily blendable, versatile and inexpensive. I use moisturizer, primer and concealer before my eyeshadow to help make it last all day. Depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing, my makeup usually lasts a few hours before I have to grab the setting spray or powder to touch up. But that's all I do, I powder my face every few hours with Airspun so I stay looking matte all day, instead of super oily and shiny.

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