Swatch this! Tribe volume 3 swatch video

Hi everyone, this is my first swatch video (and video in general on PP). I decided to swatch my Juvia's place "tribe" highlighter today. I hope you all enjoy my post!

Product: Juvia's place "The tribe vol.3"

Price. $15

Available to purchase at: &

*** ON sale now for $9, only on Ulta!

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  • Katie

    For your first swatch video I think that was pretty good! The highlighter looked really pretty on your skin!!

  • sally peabody

    I think it is a great idea but maybe less time on the cover and more on the product. seeing three swatches and one palette confuses me...this coming from someone who has yet to even do a I love the music and that it truly as the feel of the product's cover. I really love the shade but does it change color in different light or maybe the three swatches look a bit different because you used a brush and then your finger or even more pressure applied. Either way this is very good !

  • Marilyn Wagner

    Wow that's a heck of a deal $9!!! Thanks for the info, I loved the close up of those pretty gold colors too!!!