Superstay In my bag

Hey everyone! Nicole back with another 1! Today I am showing you a *Maybelline superstay INK CRAYON #30 SEEK ADVENTURE

💵TALKING MONEY: I paid almost $8 for mine at my local walmart.

📝Application: so easy and nice to apply, open cap and apply to lips. Sharpen with built in sharpener when needed

🔬: what it is: This is a matte lip crayon. Goes on buttery, feels silky when matte

🎁The package: what you see is what you get. Just gotta pick the shade

🤓💭My final thought: I really liked using this! It felt great on my lips and the color is so cute! Id spend $8 on this any day. Have you ever used a lip crayon? What's your favorite lippy??

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  • maria

    I would really like to try it, I never tried lip cryon that i liked. this one looks easy to apply!

  • Wade

    Very nice

  • Amanda Lingle

    I love that it comes with its own sharpener in the end. I always lose my sharpeners so this would be great. That color is very cute. I think it looked great on you. Looks like it goes on super smooth and creamy looking. Did I say I love it has its own sharpener with it!!!!!

  • Samantha

    you make me wanna try this, thanks for the review

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